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Can a heartburn last 24 hours?

There is no specific answer that heartburn can be continuous for 24 hours! However depending on the type and cause of heartburn it can be chronic, meaning a person has some symptoms almost continuously! Acid reflux heartburn can be chronic! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kristie Reply:

    If your stomach ache does not feel better within 24 hours, you need to see a doctor, In the past, peppermint oil was used to flavor after dinner mints because it aids If you are experiencing heartburn with your stomach ache, though, stick to Source:

  2. Ellan Reply:

    Dec 7, 2009 If you or someone you know is experiencing heartburn, use this tool to check Have you lost more than during the past 3 to 6 months for no known reason? If symptoms do not improve after 24 hours (or the specified time

  3. Sharell Reply:

    If a woman has heartburn for an extended amount of time and over the counter medication does not relieve it she need to see a Doc. Source:

  4. Alia Reply:

    Before he was arrested he took the Passover with his disciples (Matthew 26). It was during the Passover that he gave his flesh and blood as the bread and wine. Source:'_life

  5. Hollie Reply:

    24 degrees C – 30 degrees C Source:

  6. Dena Reply:

    I’ve had really bad heartburn for 18 hours now.? tried tums,pepto,baking soda & water,vinegar and it still burns?????? think i might have another issue??? like an ulcer??? i e

  7. Nadia Reply:

    If your heartburn is not relieved by the over counter remedy suggested by others, go to the ER! Too often heartburn is discounted, and something more serious could be brewing! When you say severe pain, thats something that should not be taken lightly! Try the antacids (I like Pepcid AC), and if youre not feeling any relief soon, go get checked out! Be well!

  8. Becki Reply:

    Symptoms of GERD may include heartburn, coughing, frequent clearing of the . or true heartburn symptoms, which can last up to two hours and get worse after eating. Coupled with the 24-hour pH probe study, the test becomes the best

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