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How long can acid be stored in your body?

If you are referring to acid reflux, it can last several months or longer if not treated! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Lavonia Reply:

    The human digestive system is about nine meters long, with many steps along the and muscle cells in your blood then absorb the fatty acids and store them in Source:

  2. Hassie Reply:

    How a fat cell stores fat, and converts glucose and amino acids into fat. Chylomicrons do not last long in the bloodstream — only about eight minutes — because enzymes by insulin, fatty acids are made into fat molecules and stored as fat droplets. When you are first born, your body does not have much white fat to help

  3. Talisha Reply:

    Lipids which is also know as fat can be more formally defined as substances such as a fat, oil or wax that dissolves in alcohol but not in water. Also lipids contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen but have far less oxygen proportionally than c… Source:

  4. Phyllis Reply:

    Glycogen is carbohydrates kept in our bodies. Glycogen is stored in our muscles and liver. The process of storing the carbohydrates causes the body to hold about three times its own weight of water. Source:

  5. Devona Reply:

    Boric Acid is somewhat hard to get your hands on. Typically speaking, most of the bigger vitamin stores in your community should carry it. If not, organic grocery stores such as Whole Foods tend to carry things like Boric Acid. Source:

  6. Ilse Reply:

    where is excess glucose , amino acid and carbolic acid stored during digestive system in the body?

  7. Nga Reply:

    thanks! ive been trying to get some good info on diets for a while

  8. Sherley Reply:

    actually, the first time you do acid, it releases poison into your system that stay with you for life. its the poison that it stored in your spine, and your fat cells. when

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