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If I have a burp stuck, how do I get it out?

It is possible that the stuck burp is a sign of acid reflux disease! It might be worth asking a doctor! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mrs Thang Reply:

    I learned in c.p.r.
    class that if you have a burp stuck you blow into a person mouth and it allows them to burp

  2. Fumiko Reply:

    A mouthpiece can get stuck in another manner. the lead pipe, it won't come out; so he or she, a friend or parent will use pliers to try to do a better twist job. the instrument on the mouthpiece, providing much more force that what you could do burping. If you are a trumpet player, you know how frustrating it is to have your Source:

  3. Lori Reply:

    Thing is it takes forever to get the burp to come up and it feels stuck and it is horrible. I do have some reflux, but i am wondering if it is from dyspepsia, which is what I I’m also having heart palpitations that freak me out a bit.

  4. Jadwiga Reply:

    Not Medical Advice: A burp is release of gas and air in the digestive tract. Swallow a large amount of air, push out your throat like a bull frog, and burp! Source:

  5. Katharyn Reply:

    yeah, i get that. sometimes i experience that. all you have to do is wait for it, or help the ‘burp’ push through and let it out. but if nothing really happens, you should drink more until you’re really full. that’s when you’ll have a blow. Source:

  6. Wava Reply:

    Like a bull frog. The air should rush out quickly. Apply pressure to your stomach to assist in pushing out the air. MORE? Source:

  7. Jacquelyne Reply:

    Which is worse, a bologna burp, a Dorito burp, a Chinese food burp, or a brussell sprout fart? Which has highest gag factor?

  8. Mia Reply:

    What have you eaten, or drank prior to burping!

  9. Fredia Reply:

    3. do a handstand and burp Slap you back or do the Heim-whatever menuver . if that dosnet work GET TO What if you have something stuck in your throat?

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