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What does it mean if you have bad heartburn?

There are several causes of indigestion, acid reflux, caffeine, chocolate, fried fatty foods and tomatoes can cause heartburn! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Clelia Reply:

    Even though that horrendous heartburn you are suffering through during may mean a head full of hair for your unborn child (some people believe) when women experience, even if they have never experienced heartburn before. When you are experiencing severe heartburn the last thing you are going to Why does. Source:

  2. Agnus Reply:

    Occasional GER is common and does not necessarily mean one has GERD. See your health care provider if you have had symptoms of GERD and have been If you have had moderate to severe symptoms and this procedure reveals

  3. Jennie Reply:

    Some foods that cause heartburn are oranges, grapefruits and any other citrus fruits. Spicy foods and tomatoes can also cause heartburn. Foods that help alleviate heartburn are vegetables, foods with plenty of fiber, and water. Source:

  4. Arthur Reply:

    I don’t actually get heartburn, but it sounds pretty unpleasant. Source:

  5. Irma Reply:

    Bad heartburn can make you hesitant about what you eat, even causing you to abandon some of your favorite foods. However, if you can identify some of the causes of heartburn, you may be able to eliminate your symptoms. Don’t let bad heartbu… Source:

  6. Libbie Reply:

    Pregnancy Heartburn – good remedies and best foods to eat with bad heartburn the other day I’ve been lucky not to have? Thanks I was only saying any digestive issues at all t

  7. Verona Reply:

    Ok well first off, If these are symptoms you have never had before then it could be normal and could not be, Like yourself I get cramps I mean cramps that make you wanna die and its always for the first 2 days or so! Sometimes only one day! But there was one time I did get my period that I didnt get any cramps which I thought was weird but I let time pass and went on, But my periods last 4 to 5 days and on day 5 went it ended I did have sex, Which the following day I actually started bleeding again lightly then heavy with clots!!! I didnt think anything serious and let it just take its course!!! ( NOT KNOWING IT WAS A REALLY BAD MISTAKE) Finally two weeks later I went to the hospital cause i had cramping but only on one side, I seriously thought i was dying! I learned I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy!!! And that is something you dont wanna just let go! And I had all the same pregnancy symptoms , like headaches that wont go away, Bloating, Cramps, Tired all the time!!! But I have also had periods where i havent got cramps!!! So if I were you I would check with your OB/GYN Good Luck and hope for the best

  8. Phyllis Reply:

    What does it mean if you have heartburn nausea and white discharge? Answer It! You have a white discharge what can this mean? It could be a STI or yeast

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