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Does alcohol make you warmer?

No, it makes you feel temporarily warmer, but actually reduces your core temperature! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Romana Reply:

    Drinks That Make You Feel Warm Inside. On a cold winter day, most people prefer to have some alcohol to warm up their bodies. However, the idea that alcohol Source:

  2. Rae Reply:

    Oct 27, 2006 Drinking can make you temporarily feel warmer. In fact, while you get the feeling of warmth from alcohol, it is really unsuitable because it allows

  3. Trena Reply:

    No. Alcohol only gives a false sense of warmth. Source:

  4. Gema Reply:

    Harpoon Winter Warmer Beer has an alcohol content of 5.9% ABV, and has been brewed since 1988. Source:

  5. Nicky Reply:

    Alcohol is what is known as a vasodilator–it causes the blood vessels to expand. This expansion warms your body. Source:

  6. Fabiola Reply:

    women! do you wear leg warmer’s and how does leg warmer’s make you feel? example: leg warmer’s make you feel sexy. leg warmer’s are an eye catcher by men. women! who wears

  7. Flora Reply:

    It makes you FEEL warmer due to vasodilation of blood vessels, which diverts warm blood to the skin! But you lose body heat this way (unless the outside temperature is over body temperature)!

  8. Chara Reply:

    Does alcohol make you feel warm? Yes, but your core temp. is getting lower. Bad idea to drink in a snow storm as your only hope. How does drinking alcohol

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