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How long does it take to get 26 shots out of your system?

We would need to know what kinds of shots you are speaking of to determine how long it would take to leave your body! This could be alcohol, shots of morphine, or vitamin b shots! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Page Reply:

    But Lupron can also have significant side effects that may stay in your system for.. . Lupron is prescribed as a slow-release implant or an injection, and never for longer Lupron can also be prescribed, via an option that is called "off label," for medical Do not take aspirin or products that contain aspirin while on Lupron. Source:

  2. Jenna Reply:

    When I took it just lately for about a 3 month period I did have some problems in the last weaning week and the first week Posted 5/14/2008 2:26 PM (GMT -7) But once its out of your system it takes a while for your system to reregulate itself. . Prednisone, 6MP,Prevacid, B12 shots, Bentyl, Xifaxan.

  3. Zita Reply:

    They have a weak dilute of the disease so the body will build antibodies against the disease thereby causing immunity. Source:

  4. Cruz Reply:

    %DETAILS% Answer The No 26 Crack Shot was built from 1913 to 1939. That version of the company name was not used until 1920, when Stevens became a division of Savage Arms. Regarding a rifle stamped J. Stevens A. T. Co. Pat. 1794: The name J… Source:

  5. Carmel Reply:

    Most people say around 23. And yet someone people say 16. It really depends on the shot glass, but usually around 23, since people charge a dollar per shot, and a 26er is around $23.99 Source:

  6. Joan Reply:

    how long would it take for and 1 beer take to get out of your system 4 shots of vodka and out of your system? how long would it take 1 beer take to get for 4 shots of vodka?

  7. Alanna Reply:

    Doesnt matter about your period slog as you ovulate buy bulk ovulation tests of eBay like 50 for $18 and then test for ovulationAlso keep taking vitamins!! Im currently doin the same thing!! Hopefully the month of April is my month and I hope its yours too :)Baby dust

  8. Christel Reply:

    so that's about half a pint of beer or one 25 ml shot or 2/3 of a 125 ml glass of wine. Drinking 2 pints will take your body 4 hours to process the alcohol, increased or Usually on a good night out the Units will stack up, keeping you over the legal In other words, if you have 10 pints, you can't drive for about 19- 20 hours.

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