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What are some bad things about alcohol?

Do you know how beer and other alcoholic drinks affect the body and mind?? Find out in !!! What can be confusing about alcohol is that some grown-ups seem to be able to enjoy it Any Suggestions here?


  1. Roberto Reply:

    If word has gotten out, you've probably already gotten some questions or maybe do bad things but it doesn't necessarily make the alcoholic a bad person. Source:

  2. Afton Reply:

    Ask your friends how many people they know who have had bad things happen to them when they or someone else was drinking. You don’t even have to be the

  3. Marya Reply:

    Alcohol is bad for your health if you drink too much. It can cause liver damage. It also can cause kidney failure. If you become an alcoholic, there are many life challenges that you will encounter, such as family problems and possible job … Source:

  4. Theda Reply:

    Alcohol is bad for you because it can cause the depletion and damage of the vital organs in your body. Alcohol can also lead to dependency and result in death. Look here for more information:… Source:

  5. Aron Reply:

    Alcohol in moderate amounts is not really harmful to your body. As with most things, it can become a problem for many. If you consume too much, it can damage your liver, and have many negative impacts on your life and well being. Source:

  6. Sonja Reply:

    Bad Things About Smoking?Alcohol? please list the diseases, cancers, bad side effects they cause and put beside the answer whether its from smoking, alcohol or both. -to try t

  7. Lizeth Reply:

    Seeing it re appear all over the taxi/pavement/floor/nightclub ! especially bacardi bleh, hate that stuff! there are nicer drinks! Like malibu is rum and its amazing and very rarely has ill effects, if you dont abuse it! :-)

  8. Gwyn Reply:

    Good things and bad things about cloning? the good side of cloning is that it shows we are advancing to the futur and it can cure some deseases.the bad thing is

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