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What are some effects of using pcp?

PCP can cause distinct changes in body awareness, similar to those associated with alcohol intoxication in short term use! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marlys Reply:

    Smoking parsley may produce some euphoria or act as a mild aphrodisiac, but PCP-users suffer garbled speech, impaired concentration and hallucinations; repeated use produces potential overdoses, accidental homicide or suicide, with Source:

  2. Bobette Reply:

    Jan 10, 2011 Its sedative and anesthetic effects are trance-like, and patients experience During the 1960s, PCP in pill form became widely abused, but the surge in illicit use receded Some users report feeling the drug’s effects for days.

  3. Kaye Reply:

    the physical effects of pcp are mental disabilites Source:

  4. Nadene Reply:

    PCP can be eaten, snorted or smoked. It is available as a pill, tablet, or powder. As a powder, it can be added to marijuana and smoked. It is also applied to small pieces of paper which are placed on tongue to be absorbed. Source:

  5. Bea Reply:

    PCP stands for phencyclidine. Users of PCP can feel disconnected from what’s going on around them. They may hallucinate and experience distortions of reality but not everyone reacts the same way. Source:

  6. Juliette Reply:

    what does being on pcp feel like? effects? side effects? do you think it’s a common occurence for weed to be laced with pcp?

  7. Carrol Reply:

    im sure your drivers ed book will have all the answers :)

  8. Belva Reply:

    What are side effects of pcp use? Some people may experience trembling and pain in the side or the lower back. What are some side effects of oxygen use?

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