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What do you use to clean a belly button piercing?

Usually washing the area off with soap and water keeps it clean! You can rub the piercing with alcohol! Make sure you turn it! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Paulina Reply:

    Use these tips to know how and when to clean your navel piercing! You will need to clean not only the piercing site, but also the jewelry, while it is still being Source:

  2. Penney Reply:

    Usually washing the area off with soap and water keeps it clean. You can rub the piercing with alcohol. Make sure you turn it.

  3. Pearline Reply:

    Belly buttons are pierced by clamping down on the skin above your belly button. A needle is shoved through the opening in the clamp and then replaced with a belly button ring. Source:

  4. Velva Reply:

    To pierce a belly button you will need to clamp the skin to be pierced. Take a sterilized needle and shove it completely through the skin. Replace the needle with a belly button ring. Source:

  5. Bobby Reply:

    Getting a belly button or navel piercing can be a painful process. The tenderness and swelling surrounding the site makes daily activities, like lying down or coughing, uncomfortable. One of the simplest ways to reduce discomfort, and the p… Source:

  6. Elenora Reply:

    what should i clean my belly.. i did it by myself on october 1st by myself button piercing with? i pierced my belly button because my parents wouldn’t let 13. it went w

  7. Elda Reply:

    They usually give you sea salt to mix with water then to soak your piercing in for 1 min twice a day, and clean with yellow dial soap when you shower! I have always been told not to use peroxide and I dont even know what the other thing is! ( these are the guide lines I followed)

  8. Veronique Reply:

    New Piercing Aftercare1) Clean your navel piercing twice a day for the next 3 days, once in the morning and again at night. You can do this in the shower or bath

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