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What happens when you mix pain pills and alcohol?

It’s called: dangerous!! Can even cause an overdose! It’s very unwise to mix the two! More?? We LOVE to answer! 242242! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elwanda Reply:

    If you've never injected pain killers before, be sure to do so under the Remove the plastic cap from the medication, and use an alcohol wipe to clean the top of the vial. 3 The Pain Killer is a mixed drink with rum that's easy to make at home. Source:

  2. Ericka Reply:

    If you mean "champagne", it could be very dangerous to mix it with sleeping pills, possibly even fatal, depending on the quantity of alcohol and what dosage/kind

  3. Bobbie Reply:

    Mixing alcohol and sleeping pills is extremely hazardous. The combination increases the sedative effect of sleeping pills More? Source:

  4. May Reply:

    The dangers are you can kill yourself… Acetaminophen + alcohol is very toxic to the liver and can do a lot of damage. Source:

  5. Henrietta Reply:

    The combination of pain killers and alcohol would increase the risk of accident or other loss of controls and if driving, would invalidate any insurance. Source:

  6. Otilia Reply:

    can i mix pain pills and pill at 5 a.m. this morning how long should alcohol? if i took a pain i wait until i drink an alcoholic beverage?

  7. Suzann Reply:

    Nothing will really happen, but pain pills will effect your liver, and the alcohol will too! This could lead to a very bad hangover! If you want to take a pill for the hangover, take ibuprofen, as that does not effect your liver thus less damage is done!

  8. Cicely Reply:

    Can you mix muscle relaxers with pain pills? can you take muscle relaxers with the pain medication oxycodone? What happens when you mix alcohol and

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