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How do Bushfires Effect the Environment

You may have such questions as What Causes Bushfires and How Do Bushfires Start,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do Bushfires Occur. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Maps of Bushfires in Australia,too. Read more as following:

Bushfires can effect the environment by leaving the landscape scarred for many years. They are a natural part of the environment but can be catastrophic. Scientists are working on ways to prevent these from happening naturally.

What Causes Bushfires?

Camp fires, burning off, machinery, cigarettes, arson and lightening are all causes of bush fires. However, humans are the cause of 76% of all bush fires that occur!... More »

How do Bushfires Start?

Brush Fires can start with as little as a spark or even a cigarette that gets thrown out on the ground. If the weather is dry and windy make sure you are careful.... More »

How do Bushfires Occur?

Bushfires are a naturally occurring phenomenon, most common in Australia but also appearing in other parts of the world. They are a combustion caused by the dry conditions, along with the heat, in areas of heavy dried grasses, woods, leaves, and fore... More »

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Recycling is the process of creating new products from old, used products that would otherwise be destined for the landfill. Most products are recycled into like items. Glass can be recycled almost indefinitely into new glass products. Likewise paper... More »


  1. Peter Pan Reply:

    1. Identify where and when they occur in Australia. Give examples of each.
    2. Explain the processes that contribute to them. Draw diagrams to illustrate your explanations.
    3. Describe the effects they have on the natural and human environments.

  2. Howard Reply:

    How does Land degradation effect the ecosytem??

  3. L I G H T S Reply:

    i need A description of the impacts of the bushfire (ash wednesday )that happened within Australia. including the economic, environmental and social impacts.i cant really find information

  4. Troy Reply:

    when did the fire hit, what occured, how many homes were destroyed and how many people were killed if anyone? and positive and negative effects it had on the community.

  5. Tiffannie Reply:
  6. Zakunai Reply:
  7. Isabelle B Reply:

    Any links or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Kia Reply:

    Please be detailed.

  9. Luka Reply:

    Whats an example of polloution occuring in Australia?

  10. Aforcednotation Reply:

    my assignment is based on bushfires. and i need help on finding the environmental and social impacts caused by Bushfires.

    any information would be great :)

  11. Marialourdes.ojeda Reply:
  12. Sabrina Baker Reply:
  13. Horse Back Rider! Reply:

    I am doing an essay on climate change and i need to know what companies are suffering the most.
    And who is making a good profit form it.
    Also just any info on climate change in Aussie?

  14. Kewlioo101 Reply:

    i know it is poisonous to humans, but can anyone help me with the environmental impacts please?

  15. Kat N Reply:

    I need to know because I’ve got to write this report by the 24th Sept. It would be great if you included things like whether they have positive effects or negative effectts kind of thing. OK thanks a heap!

  16. Beth Barnes Reply:

    I want 6 man made causes of ecosystem degradation with their effects on environment and some examples
    please help fast
    thank you………………

  17. Tall Ball Reply:

    Please tell me 2 short paragraphs(one for bushfires and one for deforestation) what effects each has on the environment.

    Muchly appreciated. Thank you.

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