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Can you get breast cancer from wearing a bra to sleep in?

No one knows for sure if wearing a bra 24/7 is harmful or not! We shouldn’t wear clothing that is too constricting! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jettie Reply:

    Some women worry that wearing a bra to bed can cause breast cancer. There have been a few questions in recent years over whether wearing a bra long Source:

  2. Glenn Reply:

    No. There is no documented scientific evidence anywhere that suggests that wearing a bra to bed causes cancer. It’s a myth. American Cancer Society: Bras and Breast Cancer Email Rumor…

  3. Robbin Reply:

    Ill-fitting, too tight bras can help cancer growth since they prevent your body from excreting dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. Source:

  4. Cleotilde Reply:

    ummm ya you do Source:

  5. Lisbeth Reply:

    Sleeping in a bra will not cause a girl to develop cancer or stunt her breast growth. Source:

  6. Hang Reply:

    Does wearing a bra to sleep really cause breast cancer?

  7. Ozella Reply:

    Total bullsh!t!Wear a bra from birth to age 90 (24 hours a day except when washing) and your chances of breast cancer are no greater than another woman whos never worn a bra in her life!Do whats *comfortable* for you!!! not what stupid myths tell you!

  8. Kara Reply:

    Breast Cancer and Wearing Bras to Bed. According to The American Cancer Society, American Breast Cancer Society, and,(see reference

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