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How do You Insert a Nasogastric Tube

You may have such questions as How to Insert a Foley Catheter and What Is The Nasogastric Tube Insertion,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Insert A Nasogastric Tube. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Inserting Female Catheters,too. Read more as following:

To insert a Nasogastric tube you will need a non allergenic tape, protective pad or towel, rubber band, gloves, curved basin, safety pin, cup of water with straw, stethoscope, 60cc irrigating syringe, water soluble lubricant, NG tube and suction.

How to insert a foley catheter?

1. Gather your supplies. Using an Indwelling Foley Catheter Tray with a 10 cc balloon is the best option than gathering everything seperately. 2. Explain the procedure to the patient. Let them know what to expect, especially if they have never had a... More »

What is the nasogastric tube insertion?

A nasogastric tube is a small plastic tube inserted through the nose and down the esophagus into the stomach. It either serves as a tube for feeding liquid nutrition to someone who cannot swallow or to suction the stomach contents following gastric s... More »

How to insert a nasogastric tube?

The tube should be directed aiming down and back as it is moved through the nasal ca...... More »

When should you not insert a nasogastric tube?

You should not insert, unless you confirm that the patient has no significant base of the skull fracture.... More »

Why is a nasogastric tube inserted before a colostomy?

A nasogastric tube is inserted from the nose to the stomach on the day of surgery or during surgery to remove gastric secretions and prevent nausea and vomiting.... More »

Why do you need to insert a nasogastric tube for an intubated patient?

A patient who is intubated cannot eat because of the tube in their throat. A feeding tube in the nose, mouth or stomach allows the doctors to pump food into the patient's stomach.... More »


  1. Crystal Sutton Reply:

    I was watching the “Dead Zone” a while back and wondered if people lose/gain weight while in a coma, still grow out hair, nails, etc., and if there was any regular hygiene like brushing teeth, cleaning out ears, etc. Not planning a coma any time soon, just curious…..

  2. Ally Reply:

    I just need to know how to do it properly. Ahhhrg nursing school > _ <

  3. Invisible Reply:

    What exactly do they do?
    Such as what practical skills and precedures do they carry out e.g taking blood tests?

    I hope you can help :)

    Much Love

  4. Nea Reply:

    This tube is not the same as an endotracheal tube which is used as an airway. The act of feeding a patient through this tube is called ______?
    No, nasogastric intubation or feeding is not the correct answer, although this is also referred to as this

  5. Taylor91 Reply:

    How would you get food in your mouth, if you can’t eat it down with your mouth?
    Is there a process for this? Maybe used in hospitals?

  6. Bibeth Reply:

    tell me how to insert nasogastric tube

  7. Cece Reply:

    Really, not a myth.

  8. United States Reply:

    I am writing a paper on how being a nurse includes needing to take anatomy and physiology and i need some online resources to back me up.

  9. Kinglouie Reply:

    My mom received a new nasal feeding tube with balloon on Wednesday night and she went into shock that same night and died Sunday. I believe the apparatus may have come lose and hit something. Please tell me what you think

  10. Ashley Kass Reply:

    Whats it like from the doctor’s stand point. And from the patient’s standpoint

  11. Jill Gardner Reply:

    After colon surgery, paralytic ileus. Is it doctor who prescribes ng tube or can nurses insert tb without doctor writing it up?
    UK hospitals that is.
    Don’t know why question says tb – should say ‘ng’ for nasogastric.

  12. Alakzanlove Reply:
  13. Zirp Reply:

    I’ve seen the CT (cat) scan of it before, just trying to find it again. Or if you have any other odd images re: nasogastric tubes, that’d be great!


  14. Kinglouie Reply:

    How do med students get tested on lets say inserting a PICC line? Or doing a tracheostomy? DO they do it in the hospital and then the teacher tells them if they passed or failed? How does it work?

  15. Hailey George Reply:

    There are two tubings (one transparent and one blue). Which do you insert the syringe in?

  16. Marcus Reply:

    I wondered if anyone knows the typical amount one might suction via nasogastric tube from a patient with acute pancreatits?
    The patient is NPO and receiving TPN at the sub pyloric level

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