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Is it unhealthy to stop eating meat?

Anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, cancer of the prostate, constipation, diabetes, gall stones, gout, high blood pressure, indigestion, obesity, piles, strokes and varicose veins are just some of the well known disorders which are more likely to affect meat eaters than vegetarians! Thanks for choosing ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Caitlyn Reply:

    How to Stop Eating Meat to Lose Weight. If eaten as part of a healthy diet then meat can provide a good source of protein and the saturated fats can. Source:

  2. Vinnie Reply:

    Nov 21, 2006 Red meat is one of the first foods that doctors advise patients to stop eating if they are at risk of heart disease, because it contains high levels of

  3. Katrice Reply:

    Avoid office snacking: Come to work with a full stomach. The fastest way to fall victim to unhealthy office eating is to come to work on an empty stomach. To fight the battle, it’s important to eat a healthy and filling breakfast. Choose hi… Source:

  4. Bok Reply:

    Its not about the type of meat but rather the cut. I you can avoid dark meats on poultry and fatty meats on beef, pork, etc you should be fine. The amount of fat contained in meat from the grocery store is listed on the packaging. You can a… Source:

  5. Meredith Reply:

    In today’s fast-paced world, many Americans have developed unhealthy eating habits. This usually is due to the ready availability of fast foods–which often are high in sugar, fat and salt–and the abundance of candy bars, sugary sodas and … Source:

  6. Rashida Reply:

    I have been craving red meat a lot lately, is too mcuh red meat but i dont, is it genetic and is bad? i’m 22 and an athlete. my dad has high cholestrol there a chance i could

  7. Mittie Reply:

    No offence to the people have told you not to stop eating meat (for what ever reason) but your question was How do i completely stop eating meat not should i! In which case, Ill try and help you as best I can! All these people who suggest to stop slowly, one by one have obviously confused meat with cigarettes! Meat isnt addictive, nor is eating it necessary! Id like people to challenge me with a wide range of hard hitting, peer-reviewed studies that show vegetarianism is unhealthy – please, not just speculation, belief or opinion! Its hard to believe half the stuff I read on this website like: Youll die if you dont eat meat or where do you get your iron, protein or B12 from??! Please guys, how about you go and do a little research first before jumping on the bad wagon and professing your love and unquestionable desire for the entire world to eat meat!To answer your question with some experience! I quite literally went vegetarian over night from a highly meat-rich diet! Cold turkey if you ask me! Giving up meat isnt like giving up a nicotine addiction or going without water for a week and seeing what happens! The food pyramid for vegetarians can be found on a couple government websites, which suggests your primary food group should be grains, followed by vegies! Simple, just have 2 serves grain and 1 serve vegie for lunch and dinner, 2 serves fruit in between and a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast for brekfast! I know you didnt ask for a menu, but its an example!I wish you heaps of luck in your goal to become more selective at what you eat, and if it helps, studies have shown vegetarians suffer from a lot less heart attacks, strokes, ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, cancer and generally live a few years longer than meat eaters, are not as overweight/obese, and lead active and healthy lifestyles with ample B12, iron and protein!Youll also be doing your bit for the environment, interesting to know that our current methods of mass-producing meat is producing more greenhouse gases than all modes of transports combine! And we could eradicate world hunger if we gave the grains to other countries instead of to cows!!! and youre helping the animals, and if you believe in the flow of energy (Chi), then yea, happy times! Also, there are several references in the bible that eating meat is wrong – so thats for all you christains out there ;D

  8. Jovita Reply:

    Being a vegetarian is very healthy, provided that the person makes sure to get a Many people stop eating red meat, fish, poultry but they don't research their

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