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What does dyin of lung cancer feel like?

It is harder to breathe when you have lung cancer, there is often pain from the tumors applying pressure to your lungs! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Onita Reply:

    When a patient is in the final stages of lung cancer, the patient is likely to feel significant That pain can be controlled with medication like morphine. Source:

  2. Arlene Reply:

    5 days ago Q. I’m dying of lung and brain cancer and can’t do anything I used to enjoy. I’m feeling hopeless and every day feels like an ordeal. Why should

  3. Valentina Reply:

    I had no symptoms when I was diagnosed with stage iv lung cancer, so it was indeed a shock to learn of my dx. Later, I developed pain, but that was from the chemo treatments. The chemo created massive bone loss which caused inflamation. Its… Source:

  4. Cris Reply:

    You can get a lot of things before you get cancer. Emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, pleursy and blood clots. My FIL died of emphysema…smoked until he could hardly breathe. Just get a straw and put it in your mouth and pinch your nose and br… Source:

  5. Bobbye Reply:

    A lung cancer patient may not feel anything in the early stages. The disease can be detected through a chest x-ray. Some patients may develop a cough that has a sudden onset, There may be some pain in the chest, some people may cough up blo… Source:

  6. Trina Reply:

    mom died on lung cancer a cancer too,how big the posibilities i have month ago,i felt the symptoms of lung too I’m afraid if i have cancer too.

  7. Caren Reply:

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  8. Hyo Reply:

    What does it mean when you dream you are dying of cancer? Dreams deal in symbols dream of dying trees? It means you feel like you cannot trust somebody.

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