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How does the Ambulance Work

You may have such questions as How Much Does An Ambulance Ride Cost and How Do I Become A Ambulance Technician,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Transport A Wheelchair In An Ambulance. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Old Ambulances for Sale,too. Read more as following:

When I rode in an ambulance I found that they work just like a regular vehicle does. The difference is that an ambulance carries a variety of medical equipment. When the ambulance picks up a patient the driver speeds as fast as possible to the hospital while the EMT’s sit in the back with the patient giving medical care.

How Much does An Ambulance Ride Cost?

An ambulance ride varies as to how much it cost. The cost depends on the location, and exactly what the paramedics had to do or use to perform care for you. If you have insurance it may cover the cost for you.... More »

How do I Become a Ambulance Technician?

To become an ambulance technician you will need to have your EMT or paramedics license. You will need to take classes at a college and pass a state wide test.... More »

How to transport a wheelchair in an ambulance?

1. Roll the wheelchair with the passenger onto the ambulance loading ramp, if it's equipped with one. If not equipped with auto loading docks, orchestrate a four-person lift of the wheelchair into the ambulance. 2. Maneuver the wheelchair and passeng... More »

How to build an ambulance with cardboard?

1. Lay a large refrigerator cardboard box on its side and secure the end flaps together using strong packaging tape. Sketch the outline of an ambulance on two opposing long sides of the box. Sketch an angled line drawn from the center of the left end... More »

What are assistive devices for ambulation?

Cane/Crutches. A one or two point system of support is a cheap and effective method when there is a weakness in one leg. It allows the arms and upper body to stand in for the weak or damaged limb. Walker. If both legs are too weak for satisfactory am... More »

How to operate an ambulance gurney?

1. Remove the gurney from the ambulance by releasing the locking mechanism holding the gurney in place. Although these mechanisms will vary from rig to rig, look for a push-button release located near the wheels of the gurney at the rear of the ambul... More »


  1. Michaela S Reply:

    Would the ambulance have to delay the time for the victim to go to the hospital to get a ticket? Would they even get a ticket?

  2. Anp_15 Reply:

    Can you guys also explain to me what’s the difference between paramedic, emergency medical practitioner, ambulance technician, emergency medical technician. Also which of these is the highest and highest pay? Thanks.

  3. Knightstrikehero Reply:

    What would happen if you got ran over by an ambulance that’s already on its way to another save someone else who was ran over by another ambulance?

  4. Cyril Jed Reply:

    I live in Western Australia and had to call an ambulance. After they arrived they did some tests and said they thought I was fine. So, after signing an agreement, I didn’t take the ambulance to the hospital. Does anyone know how much it costs just to call an ambulance?

  5. Pirate_gurl727 Reply:

    In America, if you called 911 and an ambulance came to take you to the hospital, how much would you have to pay? I hear that it’s like thousands of dollars to have an ambulancebring you to the hospital.

  6. Jeanasbaq-jeejee Jeanasbaq Reply:

    Today I was behind an ambulance that was going 40mph in a 55mph zone. It didn’t have its lights or sirens on so I was curious if I could have passed it in a passing zone.

  7. Relem Reply:

    How much does an ambulance ride in San francisco cost? I took one a few days ago and was taken to a university’s medical center with fairly young doctors…Did tests and got a shot. Was released later on. Bill estimate?

  8. Laranda Jordan Reply:

    If an ambulance is rushing to get a critically ill or injured person to hospital, and in the rush ends up hitting and critically injuring another one – what do they do?

  9. Eilish Reply:

    I need an air ambulance that is close too the US and mexican border. Just got married and hubby broke his leg down in Laz Paz Mexico. The medical services down is terrible!

    Thanks for your help we appreciate it!

  10. Tommytom Reply:

    If you listen carefully, when an ambulance drives by, there is a chain that drags on the street. What is the purpose of this chain and do all ambulances have them? When was this chain introduced to the ambulance.

  11. Shauniee Reply:

    I called 911 and requested an ambulance for my wife, they arrived and took her to the hospital. The bill arrived for almost 800.00 for a twelve mile ride in Staten Island. Can this be possible?

  12. Anthony Gray Reply:

    Ambulance going legal speed in center lane.
    Vehicle got on I-75 and all traffic slowed and no one passed. Ambulance actually was a hazzard as it was the slowest vehicle on I-75 and about 50-60 cars and trucks were “pilling” up behind.

  13. Kills Reply:

    I don’t know where to start in becoming an ambulance officer in Australia. I’m an Australian resident living south west of Brisbane. Do I need to go to university, or is there another way? I’m 28 years old.

  14. Brooke Reply:

    Let’s say an ambulance (in action as in emergency) is stuck in rush hour traffic (all 3 freeway lanes filled up) it would be impossible for all the cars to pull off to the side. What happens then?

  15. Trey Reply:

    How can i start ambulance service in india? I can start ambulance service in mumbai or surat only,so can anyone help me to know the procedure\rules and the license to start it…?

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