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Why is Fibre Good for a Human Body

You may have such questions as What Is The Role Of Fibre In The Human Body and Why Can Fibre Not Be Absorbed By The Human Body,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Fibre Energy Cant Be Used By The Human Body. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Human Body Organ Diagram,too. Read more as following:

Dietary studies have proven that fiber has many positive effects on the human body. Fiber can help lower your blood cholesterol aa well as lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. People who are dieting and eat more fiber tend to lose more weight.

What is the role of fibre in the human body?

To relieve constipated fellows (to aid digestive system in removal of unused materials)... More »

Why can fibre not be absorbed by the human body?

Because humans don't have the enzyme called cellulase which functions in the breaking down of cellulose.... More »

Why fibre energy can't be used by the human body?

We don't have the required enzyme to break fibre down to get energy from it.... More »

Why energy from fibre can't be used by the human body?

Fibre (cellulose) consists of solely beta-glucose subunits. Human enzymes are specific only to alpha-glucose and so cannot break down the cellulose fibres to release the sugar.... More »

What is Human Body Temperature?

The normal temperature of the body is 98.6 degrees.Fevers occur when the body temperature goes up slightly from here. The body can also be lower than this at times as well. Hypothermia will occur if the body goes way below this.... More »

What are the human body systems?

The human body systems are: Nervous System Skeletal System Urinary System Excretory System Respiratory System Circulatory System Digestive System Reproductive System Endocrine System Muscular System *Immune System... More »


  1. Lol Reply:

    describe how the different types of tissue function in the main systems of the human body. Also, explain how the structure of each tissue type is adapted to its function.


  2. Addey Reply:

    Is that safe, comfortable and money saving food for human body?

  3. Kledbetter99 Reply:

    Is it possible that the body would be damaged so badly that it would never be found? Would any traces of the body be detectible after 25 years?

    Don’t worry, I am not trying this. But I do believe that may be what happened to a friend of mine 25 years ago who was murdered and her body never found.

  4. Taylor91 Reply:

    What is the role of enzymes in biological systems? What is their importance? Give two or three examples of important enzymes and how they are used in the human body.

    I can’t seem to find this anywhere, any help would be great.

  5. Stephanie-anne Reply:

    1. Where are the unmyelinated axons in the human body?
    2. Are there normally unmyelinated axons in the grey matter of the spinal cord?

    please answer only if you know what you’re talking about,

  6. Cool245 Reply:

    I found in lot of article on Internet that e.g. Kombu seaweed is fine, but absorbtion (or bioavailability) is low and Kombu contents made of fibre or celulose, which can not be processed by human body and therefor can be dangerous.

  7. Hooch Reply:


  8. Ava Reply:

    I’ve been eating psylium husks which regulate and clean out my colon very nicely but I don’t understand the human body or nutrition well enough to see how this would be healthy for your heart? Can someone explain

  9. Jordan Reply:

    that the human body did not come into being by a series of genetic mistakes, but rather was carefully designed and engineered by an intelligent Creator?

  10. Cate Reply:

    Please help…
    How is fiber a balanced diet?
    How is fiber used in human body?

  11. Girlzy Reply:

    I eat alot of junk and my mum was going on at me to stop. I know it is a luxury so i was wondering what foods a human body could survive on. I heard an egg but it could give you a heart attack cos of cholesterol.

  12. Viv Reply:

    I just got out of a hospital today and I couldn’t go poop because I thought it was the medicine keeping me from going poop.
    I used the bathroom 2 times at home today and I was off medicine and
    im worried.
    It been 4 days since I couldn’t go poop.
    How long can a human body survive without pooping?

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