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What are the Health risks of drinking peoples blood?

Drinking someone’s blood will lead you to contract any diseases they have and may cause an allergic reaction! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Coralee Reply:

    Drinking salt water is never a good idea–it can lead to sickness, dehydration, to drinking salt water, the negative side effects and health risks can be far too great. has led to heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity in many people. Source:

  2. Rikki Reply:

    However, it is important to note that many, many people drink blood regularly. And no, they Answer it! Can other health issues complicate gastroenteritis?

  3. Ivory Reply:

    It Contains Oxalates Oxalates are natural organic acids that can combine with calcium to produce calcium oxalate kidney stones . Although oxalates in tea are unlikely to be a problem for most people, in certain susceptible individuals too m… Source:

  4. Terisa Reply:

    Many binge drinkers are under age 21; so educating young people about the health risks of binge drinking is important. Binge drinking is involved in the three leading causes of death among young people so learning about these health risks w… Source:

  5. Alecia Reply:

    According to the National Institutes of Health, as many as one in three people has high blood pressure, a condition that can damage the organs and cardiovascular system. High blood pressure can be reduced with simple diet and exercise chang… Source:

  6. Ashlea Reply:

    Are there any health risks in drinking to much lime juice benefits in drinking lime juice of it have any health, but does drinking to much? I know there are many risks?

  7. Elsa Reply:

    The fact that she told you this means that she wants attention! If she actually had some phycological desire to drink blood, shed most likely keep that between herself and whoever was giving her blood! A lot of people drink blood! They think they are or want to be vampires! Since she TOLD you she did it, I doubt she has some sort of mental illness that causes her to want blood, though they do exist! No, Id say shes in with the wrong crowd, has seen too many movies, or read too many vampire books! She probably thinks its cool!Explain to her how stupid she sounds! Explain to her that she doesnt NEED it! Theres a reason the human body makes blood all by itself! Explain to her that it isnt cool, and that everyone knows the vampires she wants to be like are fictional! She will not only be at risk for diseases, but shell be made fun of for a long time! Let her realize that in a few years, when she looks back on her life, shell regret doing it! Shell realize just how weird she was actually being! And I dont think you are lying! I know of people who do the same thing! They are all into the gothic/emo scene! (Excuse the stereotypes, but thats the only way I know to put it!) Stress the fact to her that drinking blood will not make her any cooler, seem more fascinating, and it will most certainly not fulfill any needs! Anyone who disagrees, I assure you that if you drink blood and say you need it, and I were then to deprive you of it, you would be just fine! Its all in your head!EDIT – And tell her that, eventually, shes bound to get some sort of illness from drinking other peoples blood! Some may be infected with something and not be aware of it yet!

  8. Sheree Reply:

    However, it is important to note that many, many people drink blood regularly. And no, they Answer it! Can other health issues complicate gastroenteritis?

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