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How to Pop Clogged Ears

You may have such questions as How To Pop Clogged Ears and What Causes Clogged Ears,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Pop Your Ears. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Home Remedy for Clogged Ears,too. Read more as following:

While you can use the common way of popping clogged ears by plugging your nose and blowing, this method risks rupturing an eardrum. A better way is to pretend to yawn while your mouth is closed.

How to pop clogged ears?

Lie on your side and put a half-tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in it. Wait for 10 minut...... More »

What Causes Clogged Ears?

Only a few things could cause clogged ears, it could be from not washing the soap out of your ears cause a clog. Also from ear wax is the main reason behind clogged ears.... More »

How to pop your ears?

if you have water in your ear and you can't get it out ok so what you need to do is get water from the bathroom sink drink until your mouth is half full gargle it spit it in your hand so it should be warm then put it in the ear the one that needs to... More »

Why do ears pop?

It is the air pressure around you changing, and the ear's inner parts take a while to adjust.... More »

How to relieve a clogged ear?

1. Swallow hard a few times to help unplug your ears. Close your mouth as you do so for best effect. The relief will be temporary but you can repeat the swallowing as often as you desire. Another simple mechanical action you can take is to yawn broad... More »

How to unclog a clogged ear?

1. Make sure you don't have an infection. If you suspect that you have an ear infection, do not. attempt the following method to unclog your ear. If you have any of the following symptoms, call a doctor immediately: [1] Persistent and severe pain in... More »


  1. Dido Too Reply:

    i always get my ears clogged on an airplane and i’m wondering what would prevent or help get rid of this.

  2. Charles Reply:

    With my head cold I have now, my left ear get’s clogged and there’s times when I try to pop it and it does NOTHING, but clog the ear more. What can be wrong and what are some home remedies on how to get it to pop? Will it pop on it’s own? It’s really annoying!

  3. Ichee Reply:

    I need some advice. If I pinch my nose and close my mouth and gently blow and only one ear gently pops- does that mean that ear is clogged? The other side does not do anything. Aside from yawning, chewing gum and swallowing, what are some other suggestions to unblock it?

  4. Yasha Reply:

    Every time the plane lands, my ears get clogged up and it aches. I chew gum and plug my nose and blow, but usually these remedies don’t help. Any suggestions?

  5. Shockt Reply:

    My daughter has had Mono for the past week and a half. She says her ears are foggy & she can’t hear much.Are there any home remedies to help unclog her ears? Or should she go back to the Doctor?

  6. Omar Reply:

    i dont why, i’ve had this cold for about a week and 5 days and my ears feel clogged after like a week and 1 day and i dont know how to solve this problem i talked to my parents about it but they said it’s nothing :S, they hurt bad, but i can still hear pretty good from them

  7. Owen Reply:

    I can feel earwax building back up in my right ear and at one point it felt like it wanted to pop open. What do I do or don’t do? Also how come I got a fever with this clogged and sore ear? Any answer will be helpful to me because I want to feel like me again, I wanna hear again.

  8. Mathew Reply:

    ok, a few days ago, I got sick and my throat hurt then. Now it still hurts and my ear is clogged. Is there any way to get rid of my clogged ear? Or will I just have to let it pop by itself?

  9. Shuhag Reply:

    I clogged my ear from the pool four days ago and it hasn’t come out yet. It’s starting to bother me since I go to pop my ears and one pops but the other one stays the same. Some help would be great since I have no patience at all for this kind of stuff. Thank you.

  10. Natalie Petrella Reply:

    I’ve had a clogged ear (right) for about 2 days straight. Is there any way I can un pop it but not the other one? I know a few remedies like yawn, chew gum and blow your nose, however none of those had worked for me. Please help!

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