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Is Sugar Unhealthy

You may have such questions as What Are The Causes Of Unhealthy Sugar Cravings and Why Is Fast Food so Unhealthy,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Unhealthy Is Organic Cane Sugar. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Unhealthy Facts of Fast Food,too. Read more as following:

Yes, sugar can be unhealthy for you. Studies have shown that sugar can raise triglyceride levels and lower HDL, or the good cholesterol. Sugar can also cause obesity, which in turn can cause a person to develop diabetes.

What are the causes of unhealthy sugar cravings?

Exhaustion is a leading cause of sugar cravings. Feeling tired? Exhaustion is a result of low blood sugar. Your brain recognizes this energy deficiency and signals your body to start craving sugar or carbohydrates. If you have a weak digestive system... More »

Why is Fast Food So Unhealthy?

It is usually not the food that is so unhealty when going to a fast food restraunt. It is usually how they are prepared. They use a lot of greese and uneeded addatives.... More »

How unhealthy is 'organic cane sugar'?

Assuming we're talking about refined white sugar here, with no molasses or other content, then it's exactly as unhealthy as "conventionally grown cane sugar" Sugar is a highly refined food product. Generally, you're getting almost pure crystallized... More »

How can sugar be unhealthy?

Not all sugar is unhealthy. Natural sugars such in fruit is very good for our body's energ.... More »

Why is sugar unhealthy?

Sugar is not unhealthy, itself, it's all in how you use it. Too much can cause harm to the bod...... More »

Why are fat and sugar considered to be unhealthy foods?

That has more to do with the amounts of fat and sugar we eat than anything about the things themselves. When eaten in moderation and with a variety of other foods, fats and sugars are fine.... More »


  1. Gemi S Reply:

    Trying to cut back on sugar and other unhealthy snacks. Using raisins as healthy alternatives but I think I ate too many.

    What kind of health benefits do raising have. What could be the problem w/ eating too many?
    The raisins are organically grown if that makes any difference.

  2. Yaz Smith Reply:

    should i stay below 50 grams? below 100 grams per day?
    i LOVE candy but sugar can be unhealthy. if im 100 lbs, how much would u say is a good/fair amount?

  3. Soinlove<3 Reply:

    I always get hungry at night time around 8-9pm. Of course, I get that craving for sugar and unhealthy things. Are there any options that will fix my hunger but also be healthy?

  4. Watden Reply:

    I blend bananas, plain yoghurt, milk, vanillin sugar & drops of vanilla essence. It tastes pretty good but there’s some bitterness to it. I want to avoid sugar and unhealthy things.
    (I’ve added honey before but it doesn’t really do anything)

  5. Dixie Reply:

    Hungry for sugar and unhealthy things, but I must eat healthy! Please help!

  6. Miller Diggs Reply:

    All that sugar is UNHEALTHY!

    I am banned as is every kid I know banned from eating stuff like that!

    I am amazed that kids back then weren’t fat and didn’t have sever dental decay.

  7. Sonya Reply:

    Is there any reason why drinking caffeinated iced tea with no sugar could be considered unhealthy or hinder my diet. Im trying to lose weight by replacing the coffee (which I have to put cream and sugar in) that I usually drink with iced tea.

  8. Paris Reply:

    Just reading about yahoos sweetener substitutes today and they all seem to come in small packages.
    We like to drink a lot of juice but it is always too much sugar or unhealthy sweeteners.

    So i guess the 2nd part of the question is, what is considered healthy juice that doesn’t taste bad?

  9. Howard Reply:

    Why is the consumption of sugar unhealthy?

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