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Why does Pepto Bismol Turn Your Stool Black

You may have such questions as Why Does Pepto Bismol Cause Black Stool and What Causes Mucus in Stool,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Is My Stool Green. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Abnormal Stool Colors,too. Read more as following:

The reason why Pepto Bismol turns your stool black is because bismuth is the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol. When bismuth combines with sulfur present in your gastrointestinal tract, bismuth sulfide (which is black) is formed.

Why does pepto-bismol turn your stool black? What causes that side effect?

The active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol contains bismuth. W...... More »

What Causes Mucus in Stool?

Mucus, a secretion made by the mucus membranes, can be found in stool. Causes of mucus in stool are the creation of mucus in the intestine to help with bowel movements.... More »

Why is my Stool Green?

The color of your stool is often based upon your diet. So, if you eat a large amount of green foods, your stool may be green. Also, stool color can be affected by medication.... More »

Why is my stool so dark?

Stool color changes from time to time for a variety of reasons. Typically, a change in color is no cause for alarm. There are times, though, when dark, black, or bloody stool can be a reason for concern. Food. What you eat affects the color of your s... More »

Why is my stool yellow?

There are several causes for yellow stools. Gallstones can cause yellow stools. Some other causes of yellow stool are hepatitis, jaundice or malabsorbtion. This is assuming that you have not eaten the container of yellow food coloring.... More »

Why does Pepto Bismol turn you stool black?

its a poisoning effect from bismuth salts, the active ingredient in pepto happens to be bismuth subsalicylate.... More »


  1. Gibson Reply:

    i have had severe heart burn/ throat on fire for about 3 days i tried exlax because i have also been constipated and it did not work could the heartburn be because of the constipation anyone have any ideas??? help!

  2. Bibeth Reply:

    Haven’t eatin in the last couple of days been take peptal bismale

  3. Cameron Willoughby Reply:

    Melena is black, tarry stools. Mine actually look like chocolate color but they smell metallic. I did have a big package of oreos and several reese’s last night.

  4. The Dude Reply:

    I had the symptoms of a uti, went to the doc. and they said i was fine. Then a couple days later I started having sharp pains in my intestines and rectum when I tightened my stomach or flinch. Well now I am experiencing dark brown tar like stools and very small amounts.

  5. Chelsae Reply:

    Everytime I drink alcohol I get diarrhoea. Is it safe to take diarrhoea tablets after I come home from a night out. Because I know its dangerous to take paracetomal or drink when your on antibiotics but is it also dangerous for diarrhoea tablets?

  6. Gargar Reply:

    Just curious…it never used to when i was little, but now it does…whats it mean?

  7. Aubrey Cochran Reply:

    For a couple of days my stool was a green color, then fine, then it turned into diarrhea so i drank some pepto and now 2 days later my stool is black. I looked up what could cause this and of course i know blood but also saw pepto, so was wondering why pepto?

  8. Warrior9988 Reply:

    Can you determine how your insides are by the color of your fecal. i.e. brown, green, beige?

  9. Tommytom Reply:

    I have all the typical symptoms of the stomach flu and i really just want to make it go away of get better without having to visit the doctor. Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

  10. Marissa Reply:

    In other words I took it three times on a thursday afternoon and evening but didn’t have black stool till Saturday evening.

  11. Aaron H Reply:

    I was constipated for a couple days, then when I finally went, my stools were black and tarry. Now I’m having really terrible diarrhea.

    Is this something to worry about?

  12. Viet Reply:

    I have nausea and the medicine they want me to take is $50 bucks for 10 pills. I hope Pepto is ok and will help. Please let me know
    I take Percocet 5-325 4 times a day. Besides from the side pains and cramps from the stone, I just have nausea. Thank you!

  13. Catherine Reply:

    Thank you. BTW: The only mixed i know of is black and brown. Please put any additional colors i may have missed. Thank You.

  14. Solitary Reply:

    I took a good amount of it yesterday because of heart burn and today i used the bathroom and my stool was completely black with a little dark green coloring.

  15. I Love Jesus Reply:

    I am 5-7 and about 148 lbs. I took about 6-8 tablets over two days and I just noticed my stool is black. It has been 2 days since I took the last tablets and it is still black, when should it turn back to normal.

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