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How can You Make Your Parents Think Your Sick

You may have such questions as How to Make Yourself Sick and Why Am I Sick All the Time,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Do I Keep Getting Sick. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Constantly Feel Sick,too. Read more as following:

You really should be honest with your parents at all times. However, if you want them to think that you are sick get a heating pad or hot towel and hold it on your head for a minute and go to them and tell them you think you have a temperature. You can also hit the bathroom and make a noise like you are vomiting.

How to make yourself sick?

hye good morning you asked how to make your self sick it is very simple take a onion and keep under your right arm pit and sleep with in one or two hours you will with fever but dont do like this its not good for health when fever comes its natural t... More »

Why am I Sick All the Time?

You could be sick all the time for a variety of reasons. You should start a list of all of your signs and symptoms. Then, talk to your doctor. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself.... More »

Why do i keep getting sick?

Have you seen your doctor about it? You could be picking up a virus from an unsanitary environment or you could have a disorder causing the symptoms. Make sure your home is clean and use Lysol to clean non-porous surfaces. If there is a virus in your... More »

What is it called when you always think your sick?

The term for those who always think that they are sick is called "h...... More »

What causes me to be sick so often

Your immune system could be lacking certain vitamins, which makes it easier for your body to get sick. During the months where cold and flu symptoms are more contagious, you can increase your vitamin c and zinc intake to boost your immune system.... More »

How to live with a sick parent?

1. Learn about your parent's illness so you know what to expect. It is much better to know than to be surprised by side effects or debilitating diseases. 2. Go with them to doctor visits so you can stay up to date on their well being. 3. Study the me... More »


  1. The Uncoordinated One Reply:

    ok well for the past week both parents have gotten sick and my little bro got sick today.
    at school my best friend is sick so iv been around 3-4sick people all week !
    what are the chances of me getting sick? i mean right now i feel fine and nothing wrong.

  2. Horse Rider Reply:

    Parent got sick, then went into nursing home. In the meantime daughter continued to fill out IHSS timecard until it was clear parent would not be coming home.

  3. Esmeralda Flores Reply:

    I have 2 cousins and a brother and our parents are sick of shelling out money to buy giftcards that we will give to each other.

    Any solutions for something else? Maybe a concert together?
    We need help?

  4. Keena Williams Reply:

    One of my colleague’s parents is sick. What are some good things that I can say through email?
    Just something simple like. I hope our father would feel better soon. Something like that, but not so plain.

  5. Bryce Reply:

    I want to help working with an orphanage. To develop a friendship with children who dont have parents and sick.

  6. Megz Reply:

    Here’s a quick summary: I hate my community and high school. My parents are sick of our neighborhood and want to move soon. My mom suggested a town thats in my friends high school district. I really want to go to THAT school.

  7. Jillian Reply:

    just the other day me and my parents were sick and we were throwing up alot and we weren’t sure if it was food poisoning or the flu and i wanted to know how to tell the difference was so i could tell.

  8. Loving~mu~amor Reply:

    Do parents ever get sick of their child/teenager practicing her instrument? Just curious- I’ve been playing my instrument from a young age and have become somewhat dedicated; I practice at least 90 minutes/day. My siblings hate it. Anyone with the parents’ perspective? Thanks.

  9. Emmy Kink Reply:

    My parents are sick of my dog they say they are going to give her away. What do i do?
    My dog chews everything and makes a mess. She also poops alot. I dont want them to take her away i have grown way too close to my dog to let go of her now. I need advice and tips. Please help me.

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