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How do I Cut a Dog Nails

You may have such questions as How to Trim Dog Nails and How To Cut Dog Nails,or you may also seek several helpful information about When To Cut Dogs Nails. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Easy Way to Clip a Dog’s Nails,too. Read more as following:

I know from experience that to cut a dogs nails you need special clippers. Stay away from the quick. The quick is the pink area that has nerves and blood and causes great pain if cut.

How to Trim Dog Nails?

To trim a dog's nails, hold the dog's paw gently in your hand. Take the nail and push it out. When cutting the nail, cut only where the arch in the nail is. This will prevent you from cutting the quick and causing pain to the dog.... More »

How to Cut Dog Nails?

If your dog has clear nails this is fairly easy. You want to get a clipper with a guard on it so you don't go too deep and where you see the cuticle end you should cut right outside of that careful not to cut the cuticle.//','_blank')" > More »

When to cut dog's nails?

If you are followed by a constant click clack of toenails on the floor everywhere your dog goes, it may be time to trim the nails. If left untrimmed, the nails can extend past the foot pad. The nails may begin to curve outward and bring the entire to... More »

How do I Cut my Dogs Nails?

Hold your dogs paw and spread out the toes. Looking at the nail, you only want to cut above the pink line or the "quick". If you cut lower it can bleed and cause some pain to the dog.... More »

What is the angle to cut a dog's nails?

Get the best results with a cutting tool designed for canine use. These dog nail trimmers come in two styles. The scissor style opens from a central pivot and has a blade on each side of the trimmer. The other type of nail trimmer is called a guillot... More »

How to cut dog nails with dremel?

1. Take your time to get the dog comfortable before you proceed, and be relaxed and calm. Let your dog smell the Dremel before you turn it on, then turn on the Dremel tool at a very low speed. Let it run for a few moments to familiarize your dog with... More »


  1. Sam Reply:

    Someone told me Petsmart cuts dogs nails for a cheap price. I cant find the info on their website or the phone number! If anyone has had this done, let me know how they do and how much it costs. Thanks

  2. Njoud Reply:

    my dog, a golden retreiver, obviously needs his nails cut. i have a special clipper for dogs nails. i’ve cut the very tips off, but they still seem too long, and i dont want to cut too much so they bleed.

  3. Becky Reply:

    How often do you cut your dog’s nails? And what type of clippers should I use? We want to go to Petsmart but if we can find similar products somewhere else, that would be great. We just got a 10 month old boxer, almost 65lbs.

  4. Eddie Reply:

    I cut one of my dogs nails on his paw and cut too deep. Its been bleeding for about 10 minutes now I just wrapped tissue and cotton buds on it, I think it has stopped now, but is he going to alright? Will it get infected? What can I do to help him?

  5. Leah Reply:

    i really need help on cutting my dogs nail they are about 1/2 inch long but i don’t want to cut into the slip.. is there anyway i can tell where the slip ends?

  6. Dog Lover Reply:

    I cut my dogs nails cuz they were really long. Almost all of the nails are bleeding. This is the first time i cut them. I need help. I dont have flour, bakin soda, or cornstarch. I dont kno wht cornstarch is. Help!

  7. Stephanie-anne Reply:

    I want to cut my dogs nail but the nail clipper is rusty; how do I sanatize it?

  8. Kay Reply:

    I want to cut my dogs nail but the nail clipper is rusty; how do I sanatize it?

  9. Bonez1026 Reply:

    How do I know if I’m cutting my dog’s nail’s quick? I heard of Peticure where they file the dog’s nails down, but can’t you still file the quick?

  10. E L I Reply:

    I havent cut my dogs nails in 6 years that shes been living. And they arent long but you can hear her coming through the kitchen with her clacking nails. Is it bad?? And when i did try to cut them a few months ago she whined as if it hurt her. Did it? and Does it?

  11. Esycompany Reply:

    My dog lives in ourbackyard. she walks on concrete a lot when we walk her and we also have concrete in our backyard. when shoud i cut my dogs nails? is it harmful if i dont cut them
    btw my dog is a labrador.. can i get her nails cut at petco and wats dew nails? thnx

  12. Lisam. =) Reply:

    How much will PETSMART charge me to cut my dogs nails?? please dont respond that my vet can do it for free, because i’m in the middle of looking for a new vet.Thanks

  13. J Reply:

    I need to cut a dogs nails but they are very long. Can i use a dremel to cut his nails? I would use clippers but i’m afraid that i might cut his quick.

  14. Amie Reply:

    Dog owners– What pet grooming tool, brand or method have you found that works the best when cutting your dogs nails?

    I usually do my dogs nails but my method takes too long since i file them down too. Just need to find a faster but still good method to trim her nails, they’re getting crazy long!

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