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How Long does a Dogs Menstrual Period Last

You may have such questions as How Many Days Does a Menstrual Period Last and Does a Late Menstrual Period Mean I Am Pregnant,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Long Does A Dogs Period Last. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to How Short Can a Menstrual Period Be,too. Read more as following:

A female dogs heat, or menstrual cycle will last approximately three to four weeks. A female dog will usually go into heat two times a year. When I was a vet tech, we normally recommended to our clients that they wait at least two heat cycles on a female before spaying.

How many days does a menstrual period last?

Following menarche, menstrual cycles last 21-45 days. After a couple ...... More »

Does a late menstrual period mean i am pregnant?

One of the first signs of pregnancy is a late period. But missed periods do not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. If you’re sexually active and have missed a period, then it is worthwhile to take a pregnancy test. You may still want to take a p... More »

How Long does a Dogs Period Last?

A dogs period or heat lasts between two to four weeks depending on the dog. Like human females a female dog's period can vary with type of dog and amount of stress.... More »

How long should a menstrual period last?

Menstruation is a process that begins in female mammals when they reach reproductive age. In humans, it involves the shedding of the uterine wall, which causes some vaginal bleeding. This is also often accompanied by uterine cramping, which can range... More »

What is a last Menstrual Period?

July 2011... More »

How Long do Female Dogs Menstruate?

Typically the female dog will menstruate from 4-13 days. Towards the end is when she will be more willing to let the male dog near her. ... More »


  1. Lauren Reply:

    ive heard of it before, and want to know what it is

  2. Scripted Reply:
  3. Dr. Clone Reply:
  4. Bubblybubblaarrr Reply:

    who long do pugs get their period ? how often ? could the pug be neutered after shes had her”period”? please tell me the proper name for a dog’s mentrual cycle? thanks very mucho

  5. Jaswanth Reply:
  6. Jitendra Reply:

    abdomen start to go hard? does it go hard? my dog bred with our male by accident, im not rying to be a breeder in any way i know nothing, so please dont be rude. She will be 3-4 weeks ok can some one help me

  7. Aderlin Reply:

    My female puppy is 7 weeks old and I have never had a dog and my family members own male dogs only so I don’t know much about dogs.

    I heard they get their periods.

    Do they bleed? How long does it last?

    How old are they when they first get it?

  8. Julia Reply:

    @Nazish – umm, yeah they kinda do. My dogs intestines are either bleeding and coming out of her vagina unexplainably right now, or she has her period.

  9. Justin Zosel Reply:

    i just noticed that i have very dark yellow discharge (like, as in it only started today).

    after a while it dried up and became brown.

    i have never had my period so it can’t be like after period discharge.

    does anyone know what this might be?

    thanks so much!

  10. Spider Pig Reply:

    my dog just today started bleeding from her *** does it mean she has a period?and when does it end?
    what does it mean she is on heat?
    we put a diaper for dogs on her,should we have done that?
    shes bearly like 7 months,how can she be ready to have puppies?

  11. Mystacall Reply:


  12. Nasty Reply:

    My dog is a German Shepard named Oreo. She is having her “period” and it is driving my mother mad cleaning the blood. I just need to know how long will she have her “period”.

  13. Steven Reply:

    And how long do we have to wait to get her spayed?
    Heat cycle? Will she bleed the entire time?

  14. Fgdfg Reply:

    My dogs 8 months old and just started her period how long will this this last??
    How long till she stops bleedingg

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