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How Much Calcium Should I Give my Dog

You may have such questions as How Much Calcium Do I Need and How Much Calcium Should a Woman Take,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Much Calcium Is Too Much. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Too Much Calcium Symptoms,too. Read more as following:

As far as I know you will need to listen to your vet about how much calcium you should give your dog. Different breeds, individual dogs, and genders have different needs. Not all dogs will need calcium.

How Much Calcium do I Need?

How much calcium you will need does depend on the person, whether they are male or female and thier age. Most women need 1200-1500mg of calcium a day. Most men need the same and if you have any problems with calcium you may need to increase to 1800 m... More »

How Much Calcium Should a Woman Take?

Women are encouraged to meet daily requirements of calcium since proper calcium intake has several benefits in women of all ages including reduction in bone loss.<br/>Daily calcium requirements are as follows<br/>Teenage girls = 1300 mg<br/>Adult wom... More »

How Much Calcium is too Much?

The recommended daily amount of calcium to take is 1000 mg. Anything more than this can lead constipation, frequent urination and kidney stones. ... More »

How Much Calcium is in a Glass of Milk?

An eight ounce glass of milk contains about 300 mg (milligrams) of calcium. Calcium is also found in yogurt, ice cream and cheese. It is recommended that you don't take more than 2,000 mg of calcium a day. ... More »

Is too much calcium bad for you?

Calcium-rich food there is no such thing as too much.If you are taking other forms of...... More »

How to give a dog more calcium?

1. Grind chicken bones to add to homemade dog food to increase the calcium in the food. Bones are a great source of calcium but need to be ground up first. Grind bones in your food processor to get them very fine. It's much easier to grind bones that... More »


  1. Gingerhairedgirl Reply:

    I heard about certain dog foods, and people foods that you can feed them to help produce more milk but im not sure i need other peoples answers.

  2. Adri Reply:

    My vet speculates that our dog has food allergies and recommend we switch foods, but he didn’t really give us any options. Anyone have any suggestions ?

  3. Xavior-su Reply:

    What is the difference? When to use which? Can I use dog treats as regular dog food to feed the dogs everyday in bowls. And which costs more?

  4. Esther Reply:

    I’m speaking of canned dog food verses canned human food. Let’s say, it’s a can of beef Alpo dog food verses a can of beef for humans. If there is a difference, why is there one?PS, i’m asking this in food & pet section for varied answers from different experts.

  5. Bart Reply:

    Does anyone no what is the temp of a female dog that is in labour in celceus.Or what is the temp i have to look out for when she is ready to give birth

  6. Archenemy Reply:

    I want to get a dog but I need to know how much food will cost first. I want a big dog that will go running with me daily. I’m not sure exactly what kind. how much does a low price dog food cost monthly?

  7. Hamster Reply:

    Right now my 1.5 year old lab eats Purina Dog Chow. I would like to switch him to a higher quality food. I looked at Pet Smart but everything there is at least twice as expensive.
    So which is the best quality dog food for the cheapest?

  8. Tomorrow Reply:

    I heard it was a good spplment to add calcium to home made dog food . Is this true . Also ground cooked bone ?

  9. Bluewaterwitch Reply:

    I was told to give my dog calcium pills. She just had puppies last night. What is the purpose for this?

  10. A Dreamer Reply:

    I wanted to know what would be a great source of calcium for pregnant dogs, it would be great if you can name it and the dose I would give to a 4 pound chihuahua.

    Thank you very much!

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