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How to Treat Gingivitis in Dogs

You may have such questions as How to Stop Gingivitis and How Do You Get Rid of Gingivitis,or you may also seek several helpful information about Is Gingivitis Contagious. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Gingivitis Home Treatment,too. Read more as following:

It is my understanding that the mouth condition gingivitis is dealt with in canines the same way it is dealt with in humans. The veterinarian will provide a topical paste to apply to the dogs teeth with a tooth brush. The cleaning of the teeth should occur as with a human, where the paste will work to eliminate the presence of tartar build up and other signs of gingivitis.

How to Stop Gingivitis?

To stop gingivitis you need to work with your dentist. They will have some treatments and perhaps mouthwash to help you. You need to be sure you floss and brush your teeth on a regular basis.... More »

How do You Get Rid of Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is caused by inflammation of the gums. Symptoms include bleeding gums, sensitive and tender teeth. If you think you have gingivitis then you should see your dentist at the earliest opportunity.... More »

Is gingivitis contagious?

yes if you eat form that person.... More »

How to treat gingivitis?

1. First, you must make a commitment to floss and brush everyday. Take about five minutes to brush in the morning and five minutes to brush in the evening. Floss at least once a day, preferably right before you go to bed or are done eating for the da... More »

What does Gingivitis Look Like?

Tissue seems to be pulling away from reddish or brownish colored gum's. Sometimes there can be blood coming from the gum's upon brushing.... More »

Could gingivitis be transmitted by kissing?

i know of a husband and wife who both have very bad breath and i think diseases of the mouth can be transmitted by kissing because i don't think they both had that bad of breath before they kissed.... More »


  1. Poopinginthebathtub Iscool Reply:

    I brush his teeth once a week.

  2. Yaz Smith Reply:

    Some websites say once a week, others once a day, others after every meal.

    My puppy is 3 months old. How often should I brush? I don’t think his teeth have been brushed before. Does the frequency change throughout a dog’s life?

  3. Keanu Reply:

    She will absolutely will not let me brush her teeth. What should I do to get her breath smelling good? Is there any way I can make her breath smell better without, having to go through the trouble with trying to get her to let me brush them?

  4. Jj Reply:

    I have a 3 year old golden lab and retriever mix that seems to have red gums. He has just been tested and there is no health problems. Is there anything I can do?

  5. Caleb Reply:

    His breath literally smells like musty vagina. Sorry for the detail but there is just no other way I can describe it. I’ve tried brushing and those bones that are supposed to help with bad breath and nothing is working.

  6. Sharon Reply:

    my dog has a VERY bad case of halitosis. we have tried baking soda brushes, mint bones (he hates them), and mouth washes… any idea on how to get his breath to quit being so funky? I love the pup, but geesh ever time he gest excited… WHEW would knock a blow fly off a pile of shit..

  7. Chocolate C Reply:

    They’re really yellow and I’m afraid Petrune, my hamster, will get gingivitis. I bought Crest whitening strips but he doesn’t seem to react well to them. He hissed at me and ran into the side of the cage.

    How can I whiten my hamsters teeth? Would baking soda or toothpaste work?


  8. Brianna Reply:

    I read raw meat bones are good for teeth cleaning.I was wondering what kind of raw bones are healthy and safe for a toy breed?.I’m concerned about my dog either choking,chipping it’s teeth,or getting stomach problems from the bones..Also where can I get these bones?

  9. Abby Reply:

    My dog is turning 5 next year.

    They grow up too fast! It seems like she just turned 3 but she is 4.
    She is a Rottweiler Shepherd/Husky mix! She is not a extra large breed!

  10. Valentina Kiki Reply:

    My dog eats my other dogs poop (I know gross) anywho, and his breath smells horrible! So what can I do or buy?

  11. Jason Reply:

    My dog has tartar build-up. Her teeth were great when she only ate dry food, but she stopped eating. So, after awhile we mixed in canned. She loves it, but her teeth now have the build-up. Teeth cleaning at the vet is really expensive. Any other suggestions?

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