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How does Music Affect Your Heartbeat

You may have such questions as How Does Music Affect The Heartbeat and When Is Your Heartbeat Considered Too Fast,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Is Your Heartbeat Affected By Music. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Music Beat Affect Human Heartbeat,too. Read more as following:

Music can affect your heartbeat in many different ways. Studies show music can lessen muscle tension. Music can slow your heartbeat by lessening tention.

How does music affect the heartbeat?

Music can not only effect our brain waves and our thinking but most positively our heart rates as well. Our hearts beat about 30 beats per minute, the faster the tempo, the faster our heartbeat becomes. The slower the tempo, the slower the heartbeat,... More »

How is your heartbeat affected by music?

when music is like rock or remixes of songs with greater drum beats specially when you listen it from decks etc. the mechanism will be as follows: increase vibrations then increase heart beat then increased work done by heart then increased blood vol... More »

What is the hypothesis for how does music affect the heartbeat?

If someone were to listen to different types of music, for example pop, country, or rap, then the person's heartbeat will increase while listening to pop and country music. This is because rap music is more of poetry into beats and it expresses feeli... More »

What is the conlusion for question your heartbeat affected by music?

From our video partners Heart Disease CAD Go inside the body to see how heart disease develops. yes it is. yes it is.... More »

How music affects people?

Music affects people in many different ways. Fast, up-tempo music can get your heart racing, your adrenaline pumping, and get you moving. If you need to relax, you shouldn't listen to this type of music. Instead, try soft, melodic music like some cla... More »


  1. Brooks Reply:

    I’ve resently had a very loud band practice and have horrible ringing in me ears, i wanna know if there is ANYTHING i can do about it? and my hearing is not too great, and that really scars me, does anyone know if my hearing will be alright? music is my everything.


  2. Steven Reply:

    or if your in a car or just anywhere loud in general

  3. Rachelle Reply:

    I have terrible anxiety about tests, wrestling matches, talking to people, etc. I have no idea why. I started smoking cigars/cigarettes but I really don’t want to get addicted so is there any other way?

  4. Answerking Reply:

    What causes my one ear to sometime have a high pitch ringing, and loss of hearing for about a minute at the most? It is also slightly blocked, and has been for over 2 months.

  5. Aaron S Reply:

    I’ve ha like two colds in the past maby 5 months, an I’m really sick of it.
    Any foods to help with that?
    Thank you!

  6. Herman Reply:

    I have a science fair project coming up and I need some psychology science fair project ideas. Something that would be fun to do. I would like a project that I can use a video camera for, or I could explain on a poster board.

  7. K J Reply:

    Does 1. gender affect heartbeat and 2. how does music affect heartbeat? Please give a good deatailed explanation not a one sentence answer like yes it does.

  8. Shemal Reply:

    We are trying to figure out when is a good time to start playing music and for dad to read to him/her.

  9. Sophie:) Reply:

    I’ve been playing it for my five month old, because I heard that it stimulates their brain, but I’m curious as to what it can positively do for your child?

  10. Milvia Reply:

    I’ve noticed my heart feel weird when i place my laptop on my chest while lying down. does a laptop have anything harmfull in it that can cause harm to your heart?

  11. Molly Reply:

    What i mean is, can they like music like humans? And can they also develop a certain taste for certain genres like humans?

  12. Hector Reply:

    Im doing a report for music and i really need to know what effects they used in this song, it’s kinda due in for tomorrow :S

  13. Helena Reply:

    Anything related to the effects of different genres and BPMs of music and their effects on pulse and blood pressure. I’ve looked around for a while but couldn’t find much.

  14. Cassandra Pace Reply:

    How Does Music affect you physically?
    How does music affect you in sports?
    Does music affect students math performance?
    Can you make a happy song sad?
    Is our heartbeat affected by music?
    My teacher told me i could combine all these science projects.

  15. Penny Reply:

    I’m doing a science project in which the question i’m answering is: Can music affect a human’s heart rate while he or she is at rest? I’m having trouble finding any previous experimentation involving scientists attempting to control a human’s heart rate.

  16. Love,nature,fashion,beauty Reply:

    I’m reading a book in college about neurology and I’m writing a paper on how music affects people with schizophrenia, Alzheimers, synesthesia, parkinsons, autism, and other disorders/diseases. Does anyone know what exactly in the brain triggers this response to music? Thanks!

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