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How do U Get Emancipated

You may have such questions as How Do You Become Emancipated and How Long Does It Take to Get Emancipated,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Get Emancipated in California. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Emancipated If You Pregnant,too. Read more as following:

If you would like to be emancipated from your parent’s care then you will need to start by finding a lawyer who will represent you. Then, you will need to give a judge a reasonable cause to rule in your favor.

How do You Become Emancipated?

You become emancipated from your parents when a judge rules in your favor. You and your parents will go to court and you'll each tell your story. The judge then decides if you should be emancipated or return home. Have a plan and a goal!... More »

How long does it take to get emancipated?

It's quite a process and there are certain qualifications you need. One of the biggest ones is "Can you support yourself, financially?" For most young teens they cannot. If you can't then the court will not order the emancipation. My parents are evil... More »

How to get emancipated in california?

In order to receive and emancipation order in California you must be at least 14 years old. Then you must prove that you would be able to attend school and still have an income to support yourself (legally) and prove that you can manage your money. I... More »

How to Get Emancipated in Florida?

To become an Emancipated Minor in Florida, you must have your parents permission and they must petition the court to allow you to become emancipated.... More »

How to get emancipated in ohio?

To get emancipated you have to prove you have a place to live, some sort of income(even if its just a part time job) and you plan to graduate from high school or get married. You have to show independence from your parents and family. You can't just... More »

How do u get Emancipated?

Go to court and have the judge declare you emancipated ("judicial declaration"). You m...... More »


  1. Dsfsdf Reply:

    I want to become emancipated because I just cannot stand my parents or my home. I will be 16 on september 11, but that’s a while away. I’m responsible, I get A’s and B’s so it’s not like I would party or whatever all the time. Please Help! Thank You.

  2. Jacelyn Reply:

    Emancipated? Definitions and what does it have to do with being under age and apartments?

  3. Ericca Kirao Reply:

    Also when you get emancipated your supposed to be able to prove you can live on your own, if I say I have a place to stay with my 19 yr old boyfriend who has a job, house, and car is that the same? oh and in the state or missouri.

  4. Vikas Reply:

    I watched a show where a girl gets freed from prison because she became “emancipated” – I guess she just turned 18. Her father was also in prison somewhere and she doesn’t have a mother – what circumstances would lead to something like this?

  5. Propilot Reply:

    I’ve read that you can’t get emancipated in TN. I want to know if I can and what is a good enough reason to get emancipated other than your parents abusing you. Can it be verbal abuse? I am constantly being verbally abused by my mom. Can someone please help me? Thanks.

  6. Alysa Reply:

    I’m working on becoming emancipated and I was wondering if I had to stay in California or could I move to a different state?

  7. Lolly Reply:

    I don’t want to be emancipated, I just need to know the legal facts for an English paper. Thanks.

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