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How to Become An Emt in Pennsylvania

You may have such questions as How Long Does It Take to Become an EMT and How To Become An Emt In Pennsylvania,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Become A Emt. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to EMT Classes in Pennsylvania,too. Read more as following:

In order to become an EMT in Pennsylvania you will need training first. Normally this training requires you take classes at your local college. Get in touch with a counselor at your college to get started.

How Long does It Take to Become An Emt?

Depending upon whether you are want a Certificate or An Associate degree becoming an EMT will take anywhere from three months to two years. ... More »

How to become an emt in pennsylvania?

1. Explore EMT course options by going to the Pennsylvania Education Portal website. The site contains a selection of EMT training courses in numerous locations throughout the state. 2. Enroll in a basic EMT course, also referred to as EMT-B. To enro... More »

How to Become a Emt?

To become an emergency medical technician you will need to obtain your EMT-B license. You can also obtain your paramedics license to practice as an EMT.... More »

How Much do Emt Make?

The average pay for a emt is about $30,000 a year, however it could be more or less dependng on where you live and what kind of ambulance service you work for.... More »

How to become an emt in florida?

1. Earn your CPR and First Aid certification from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. You can find a Florida CPR and First Aid certification course near you by visiting the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association we... More »

What does an emt make in pennsylvania?

The United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a mean hourly wage of $14.64 for EMTs and paramedics working in the state of Pennsylvania in 2010. That same year, the BLS reported an annual mean wage of $30,460. Wages vary... More »


  1. Bryan Reply:

    the ambulance employees etc in the medical feild
    The EMT-Paramedic program and how long is it?

  2. Holly Free Reply:

    My fire company would pay the $800 for the class but it’s a tuesday&thursday class 7pm- 10pm. I work 30 hours a week plus school and the fire department. Would I be better off waiting until the class that starts in August and take it furring my first year or college?

  3. Slick Blue Reply:

    Hey guys

    I’m currently a college student and I would like to get a license for EMT in Pennsylvania.

    Do you guys know the requirements and what do I need to do?


  4. Daniella Reply:

    i want to become a junior emt/ fire fighter.
    i am enrolled in public saftey but i want to get a jump start.

    what can i do as a 16 year old?
    want requirements to join?
    do i get to go on real calls?
    do i get paid?

    and any ohio laws i can print off?

  5. Bethany Reply:
  6. Carole Reply:

    Particularly in Pennsylvania

  7. Guinea Pig Hamster Reply:

    Hey I heard about something about EMS and since I’m into helping/saveing people lives and i think EMT is not really my type on the other I think it is. What are the steps you have to do too become one?
    Also what are the requirments? I don’t even know where to start :( Please help me.

  8. Itskabkar Reply:

    I’m 18 and I want to become a certified EMT in Bucks County Pennsylvania, where would I take the necessary courses?

  9. Jurri Garcia Reply:

    if anyone is in this career field or knows… can you give me a real answer?

  10. Help Please Xx Reply:

    I’m 16 and I really want to be an EMT. I live in Pennsylvania. How can I get involved in training and get what ever licenses I need? :) Also, how much is this gonna cost? Thanks!

  11. Aubrey Cochran Reply:

    I can find information about training for all other 49 states but nothing around Philadelphia. Thomas Jefferson Hospital is the only one I found but their links are not working.

  12. Gibson Reply:

    i want to become a paramedic as soon as possible, when can i start training to become an EMT-B? i heard 17…

    thx for any responces

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