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Is It Hard to Get Emancipated

You may have such questions as How Long Does It Take to Get Emancipated and How to Get Emancipated in California,or you may also seek several helpful information about How to Get Emancipated in Florida. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Ways to Get Emancipated,too. Read more as following:

It is not very hard to get emancipated, but you do have to look into the emancipation law in your local area. They look at certain things in order to emancipate.

How long does it take to get emancipated?

It's quite a process and there are certain qualifications you need. One of the biggest ones is "Can you support yourself, financially?" For most young teens they cannot. If you can't then the court will not order the emancipation. My parents are evil... More »

How to get emancipated in california?

In order to receive and emancipation order in California you must be at least 14 years old. Then you must prove that you would be able to attend school and still have an income to support yourself (legally) and prove that you can manage your money. I... More »

How to Get Emancipated in Florida?

To become an Emancipated Minor in Florida, you must have your parents permission and they must petition the court to allow you to become emancipated.... More »

How to get emancipated in ohio?

To get emancipated you have to prove you have a place to live, some sort of income(even if its just a part time job) and you plan to graduate from high school or get married. You have to show independence from your parents and family. You can't just... More »

How hard is it to be emancipated?

In the US, it's very hard. The majority of emancipation petitions are denied.... More »

How to get emancipated in indiana?

1. Document your case. You must show a stable source of income and a plan for self-sufficiency. Collect pay stubs and organize work references so the court can verify your income. You should also be prepared to point to a credible reason for the eman... More »


  1. Bryce W Reply:

    is it expensive? is it hard to win? where can i get all the forms i need to fill out? any info would be appreciated

  2. Abraam Reply:

    My gf wants to get emancipated so she told me to assk shes 14 and can find a job

  3. Arezoo Reply:

    serious answers only please. if you are going to give me a hard time and be an asshole dont bother answering.

  4. Riley Reply:

    Jesus looked around and said to his disciples, “How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!” (Matt10,23)

    How does this apply to modern society?

  5. Okoye Reply:

    I’m turning 16 soon and I really want to be emancipated.
    My question is what all is required for me to be emancipated?


  6. Anna Reply:

    Im 16, ill be 17 in 2 months. I have two jobs, so my weekly pay averages to $200. Im a junior in high school, i go to school full time. I take hard classes and get good grades. I live in NH with my guardian.

  7. Spencer Reply:

    How much does all of it cost? How long does it take? What is it like? Is it hard or easy?
    I live in Illinois. So what would exactly happen?

  8. Angelica Reply:

    I have 3 jobs and attend high school.I have been researching the topic and know that i can become emancipated if i get married or if i join the military. Is there any other way possible?

  9. Holly Pennington Reply:

    I’ve read a bit on it but I’m looking for a straight answer which is getting really hard to find. No one seems to be able to say, “You have to do ‘this, this, and this.'” Does anyone have a real answer for me?

  10. Steve The Reply:

    I know its weird but I am having a hard time getting Independent student status, The school says because I am not married or in the Military or have any kids that I need to prove my parents don’t take care of me. I am on my own, I don’t even live with my parents. Help!

  11. Jaswanth Reply:

    Can anyone who has been emancipated or knows about emancipation tell me what it takes? I really need out of my mother’s house because she’s too unstable. I’m two months shy of seventeen and until I’m eighteen my mother’s going to just hold me back. Advice and/or tips, please.

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