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When Will Marijuana be Legal

You may have such questions as Why Should Marijuana Be Legal and Should Marijuana Be Made Legal,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where in the World is Marijuana Legal. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to States Where Marijuana Is Legal,too. Read more as following:

Marijuana will become legal once the head of the state or country will allow it to be legalize. It is actually used for medicinal purposes however people discover its effect to an individual that is why it is widely banned.

Why should marijuana be legal?

Marijuana should be legal because it is used for medicinal purposes. Marijuana helps Glaucoma by relieving pressure behind the eyes, for example. Marijuana has already been legalized in California as long as a prescription is written for it. It shoul... More »

should Marijuana be Made Legal?

Some people believe that marijuana should be legalized because it help people with different ailments feel better. Other people just want to use it for recreational purposes.... More »

Where in the World is Marijuana Legal?

Holland is the most relaxed country to smoke marijuana. You can visit other places like Columbia, Nepal, And Belgium to legally smoke cannabis.... More »

Why Should Marijuana Not be Legalized?

The main reason Marijuana should not be legalized is because all people have different reactions to it, some people can handle it and others will get extremely disoriented etc and potentially cause harm to others and themselves.... More »

Where is It Legal to Smoke Marijuana?

There are 13 states that marijuana is legal in. There are laws that go along with those states though. You will have to have a medical card and you can only purchase from special shops. There are 2 states that are in favor of medical marijuana, but t... More »

When will marijuana become legal?

Hopefully soon! It is already legal for medical use in Michigan and Arizona!... More »


  1. Keanu Reply:

    I have to do a debate for a class. I chose the topic of making marijuana legal. The debate is an open forum debate, and and I need solvency points (change to the law) for the debate. I currently have changing the federal law, but I need two or more ways the law can be changed.

  2. Awesomedantefan6 Reply:

    Do you think the federal goverment should keep there hands out of state law? Would you like to see medical marijuana legal in every state? Maybe, you want to see it legal for everyone! Tell me what you think.

  3. Miss Nikki Reply:

    Our state is about to have medical marijuana legal. they said on the News something about applying for a growers permit and sell to local dispensaries .

  4. Cari Reply:

    I wanna help out making marijuana legal worldwide.What are some links online that I can sign to made weed legal?And also is there any groups I can join to legalize and protest for marijuana
    -One Love

  5. Tessa Reply:

    is medicinal marijuana legal in canada?
    Is it as unhealthy as regular marijuana?

  6. Smirdy_smird Reply:

    When do you think marijuana will be legal in Illinois? Or what states is marijuana legal? Not medical uses but just legal period?

  7. Nabraska Reply:

    Just wanna know where in the world is marijuana legal?

  8. Tammy Gibson Reply:

    where is marijuana legal for recreational use? in terms of countries. excluding medical marijuana.

  9. Iris Reply:

    I know that in certain states medical use of cannabis is legal if recommended by a doctor, but why not just make medical marijuana legal in every state.

  10. Ryuuhatake Reply:

    Got a couple of questions the first being that is marijuana legal in Amsterdam or just tolerated and the second is what about the whole prostitute thing I mean that’s got to be illegal for sure.

  11. Taylor Labrecque Reply:

    California is going to vote next November to make marijuana legal for 21 year old’s to buy and tax it like alcohol,
    Will you move there and grow all the weed you want with a state issued $5,000 growing permit and take advantage of the possible 15 billion dollar boom in the economy ?

  12. Kelly Clegg Reply:

    washington recently voted to make marijuana legal in their state.. how would we get to vote for it @ my state?

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