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Who Created the First Breathalyzer

You may have such questions as How Does a Breathalyzer Work and How to Cheat a Breathalyzer,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Accurate Is a Breathalyzer Test. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of the Breathalyzer,too. Read more as following:

The person to invent the first breathalyzer was Robert F. Borkenstein. His basic device measured the blood alchohol level of intoxicated inividuals by calculating amount of blood on the breath and equating it.

How does a Breathalyzer Work?

Breathalyzers work by scanning a persons breath for alcohol and calculating a persons blood alcohol content, or BAC. Since alcohol is mainly absorbed into the body and escapes through your breath, these machines and calculate your BAC with just a bre... More »

How to Cheat a Breathalyzer?

Although people have tried and tried, and will continue trying, there is just no way to beat the breathalyzer except for not drinking alcohol.... More »

How accurate is a breathalyzer test?

In 1927, a scientist named Emil Bogen ran a study in which he had an arrested subject fill a football with air from his lungs, and then tested the air inside the football for alcohol. The resulting paper noted that, of the two liters of air in the fo... More »

Is there anyway to pass a breathalyzer test when you are already drunk?

Sorry my friend... breathalyzers do record mouth alcohol, it's true, but they also record blood alcohol. While I doubt the validity of anyone saying they've beaten one by sucking on a coin or a mint, I suppose there may be an argument for saying that... More »

How Long does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

There are a few different factors to how long alcohol stays in your system. About 10% of what is consumed will leave your body through sweat, urine, and your breath. The rest is broken down in your body by way of metabolic rate called blood alcohol c... More »

How Long does Alcohol Stay on Your Breath?

The rule of thumb is one hour for every drink, since not everyone's BAC is the same its hard to predict what it will be.... More »


  1. Omfgzzitsjessica Reply:
  2. Emily From Ny Reply:

    Not that I ever have or ever hope to be breathalysed, I thought it would be a seasonal point to make. Don’t drink and drive.

  3. Pbphreak Reply:

    He was doing missionary work in France. This must have given Mormons a bad reputation

  4. Concerned Owner Reply:

    It would still be illegal but it would only be a fine, no arrest.

    Can you think of any cons, if the feds made this change?

  5. Griffin Covert Reply:
  6. Meow Reply:

    A person was pulled over, their vehicle searched, put in hancuffs, and put into police vehicle, jailed and bonded out; but was never read their miranda rights. Does this create a leagal stand for their case?

  7. Ian Reply:

    I am a 21 year old entrepreneur who has started a company that distributes breath alcohol testing breathalyzers to prevent DUI and underage binge drinking. I was wondering how I can increase traffic to my website while maintaining my business’ credibility.

  8. Blues Einhander Reply:

    Sounds like this would make common sense, rather than have a drunk person not have any idea what their limit is. So, prove to me that having a machine to test your breath on site would not save lives and create the opportunity to not have the individuals lives ruined also.

  9. Lolaso Reply:

    I drank 9 beers from 4PM til 9:30PM. After finishing last beer I ate 3 Ears of corn then went to bed. I woke up went to work and @ 7:30AM I failed a breathalyzer. Is it possible that the yeast in the beer fermented the corn creating some type of alcohol?

  10. Heart-broken Reply:

    I wrecked my vehicle and it gave me a concussion and I confessed but didn’t take a breathalyzer. I have a doctor saying I had a concussion. My lawyer is iffy if the judge would side with my confession the Cop smelled alcohol on my breath. Is it likely I’ll get off?

  11. Elizabeth Taylor Reply:

    I’m doing some research on the Field Sobriety Tests and wanted to know if anyone ever failed or know someone who supposedly failed the Nystagmus test and then passed the Breathalyzer within legal limits. Also, after admitting to having some drinks.

  12. Blondie103 Reply:

    I got a DUI last night and I refused the breathalyzer. Because I refused the breathalyzer my license is automatically revoked for a year. There is a chance I can have the charges dropped, but I dont know if I will be able to get my license back if the charges are dropped. Thanks for the help.

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