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Who Founded the Nhs

You may have such questions as What Is the Purpose of the NHs and What Year Was The Nhs Founded In,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Founded The Nhs. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to History of the NHs,too. Read more as following:

The NHS, National Healty Service, was founded by a man named Nigel Haywood Smith. His initials are the reason for the original name of this organization.

What is the purpose of the nhs?

It stands for National Health Service. It's based in Egland. Scotland and Ireland. It is a national medical service that is free to access by anyone who pay's taxes within that country. The services are paid for by taxes. It is a 'socialised' health... More »

What year was the nhs founded in?

The National Health Service Act came into effect 5th July 1948.... More »

Who founded the NHS?

Nigel Haywood-Smith. His initials are the original reason for it being called the NHS but a different meaning was thought up which was more suitable as a description of what the NHS was.... More »

Why Was The NHS Created?

National Health Services is the country wide health care system in the United Kingdom, which is publicly funded and provides free of charge health services to all the nationals. It was created after World War II, as part of welfare state reforms. It... More »

Where was the NHS founded?

In NHS... More »

What does NHS stand for?

North High School (USA)... More »


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  11. Nikki-leigh Reply:

    Thing in New York. It’s only hurting the people who drink loads, more so in America as there is no NHS. Let them harm themselves I say, it’s their choice – sad as it is.

  12. Ac125 Reply:

    who was in charge on the NHS when it was first established in 1948 and when did the department of health (DoH) take over the running of the NHS.

  13. Fotojunkie7 Reply:

    I notice the other day there was a lot of opposition to having something like the NHS in the US. This would be ideal for everyone rich or poor so I do not understand why there is opposition to this.

  14. Crystal Sutton Reply:

    Why don’t Americans want a government run healthcare system like the NHS? It’s costs are rising far less rapidly than in the U.S, and everyone gets covered.

  15. Deysi Reply:

    Its gonna come to a point where the only drugs we can get on the NHS are paracetamol due to runing out of money, as Margaret Thatcher said, the problem with socialism is eventually you will run out of other peoples money. Whats you opinion?

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