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Why do People Sue

You may have such questions as How To Sue Someone and How To Sue A Company,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Sue For Mental Anguish. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Should Tobacco Companies Pay for Damages,too. Read more as following:

I think people sue to make a wrong that has been done to them right again. Some people will sue for revenge without thinking through the consequences. There are people who do not believe in suing at all and others who look for reasons to sue someone. There are occasions when it is absolutely right to sue. Wrongful death or accidents that cause a person’s livelihood to be taken away for example.

How to Sue a Company?

In order to sue a company you must first determine whether you will sue for monetary or material gain. If you'd like to sue a company for money, you should file a claim with your local courthouse. There, they can advise you of the next step in the pr... More »

How to Sue for Mental Anguish?

First of all, you have to have an attorney to sue for mental anguish. Secondly, you have to be able to prove without a doubt that the person you are going to sue has caused you mental anguish in some way.... More »

How to Sue a Business?

When seeking to sue a business, it is important to determine what type of business it is, such as a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. Doing a search on the state's Department of Corporations site will assist in determining exactly wha... More »

How to sue countrywide home loans?

1. Research attorneys in your local area. The best place to begin is in your local yellow pages. Collect their contact information, and begin the interviewing process. 2. Contact each attorney's office and ask questions about that attorney. Ask quest... More »

What can I Sue Someone for?

You can sue someone if they owe you money or if they have stolen or broken your property. In some cases you can sue for slander if you can prove you lost wages because of it.... More »


  1. Robin Slagle Reply:

    Can i sue someone for posting a video online, without my permission, that desecrates my image?
    If i can, what/can/shoud i sue for? And what are the penalties for said allogations?

  2. Jon Reply:

    Under a GOP administration, would the department of Justice sue states that try to protect themselves? If you say no, are you saying that they will let the states enforce their own immigration laws? Will the GOP deport illegal to?

  3. Macy Reply:

    Can parents sue those boys/girls who bully their children? Merely filing a complain with school authorities doesn’t work. After some days bullying starts again. Do we as a parents have a right to sue them?

  4. Jeraco Reply:

    Can I actually suing someone for texting me a bad joke? How and what step to take to sue a person?

  5. Ian Reply:

    The national laws specifies a debt collector can’t call before 8 am. This one called 7:21 am. The law allows me to sue for $1,000. But I need the name of the owner or CEO of the company. The name of the collection agency is Plaza Associates.

  6. Joe Mccanon Reply:

    Can someone in the UK sue a US company for copyright infringement if part of a single webpage was reproduced? Parts of the alleged violation include images in the public domain, not actually owned by the suing company. What would the lawsuit process be?

  7. Myles Reply:

    They will be paired up randomly into teams of two. (Sue is a female and Jacob is a male.)
    What is the probability that Sue and Jacob will be paired together as partners?

  8. Mr. G Reply:

    I want to sue the hall director and several students for harassment, slander, and defamation of character. How do I go about doing this?

  9. Amie Reply:

    I got a little sachet of white sugar and it had no sugar in it. How can I sue them? What do I need to go to get either lots of sugar or money? This question is mainly aimed at the people who have done this before. Thank you so much. 10 points for the best answer!! :)

  10. Michaell Haslbauer Reply:

    in texas, can debt collectors sue? can they garnish wages. a collection agency out of california mentioned to me that they can issue a summons if i don’t agree to pay.

  11. Kellie-louise Reply:

    I want to sue the ESRB(the ppl who rate games).I no i need a lawyer but i need to no how to sue the company.Is there like a button on thier website or something.

  12. S0methingcreative Reply:

    I want to sue my husbands ex for money that I belived is owed to my children. I want to put a lwasuite against her but in my kids names. The way that John Ritter’s wife put her lawsuite against the docs and hospital in her kids names.

  13. Mikee Reply:

    I have to sue the State of California. I know there is a formal notice you have to file with the State. I can’t find the code. Does anybody know where the requirements are codified?

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