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Why does He Lie

You may have such questions as Why Do Men Lie and How To Tell If He Is Lying,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Do I Tell A Guy That I Think He Is Lying To Me. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Lies Men Tell,too. Read more as following:

People lie for various reasons. Sometimes they just don’t know how to tell the truth. Other times they lie in order to not face the consequences of their actions.

Why do Men Lie?

Men probably lie for the same reason women lie. This is usually because they gain something from lying. What the individual gains will vary from person to person.... More »

How to tell if he is lying?

Lies are in the eyes. This is a pretty popular trick. Voice. Usually the volume of speakin...... More »

How Do I Tell a Guy That I Think He Is Lying to Me?

Mentally regroup and focus on the outcome before having the conversation. Ask yourself what you hope to attain by confronting someone with possible dishonesty. Are you seeking the truth, trying to point out a hurtful behavior or a combination of both... More »

Why he lied to be called fireflies?

If you are refering to why Adam Young of Owl City has multiple explanations for the title of "Fireflies", it is simply because the song was inspired by many different things. I hope this helps.... More »

How to tell a guy you know he's lying to you?

1. Have your evidence in order. Gather all information relevant to the case before meeting the guy. 2. Say "Why aren't you being honest. ? Tell me the truth. At this point, look him in the eye. You are giving him the opportunity to come clean. Signs... More »

How do you say he is lying in Spanish?

el esta mintiendo.... More »


  1. Die Potato Reply:

    It used to be that the lie angle of a stick was always stamped on the stick, but now I can hardly find any sticks with this information. Usually the sticks that have the lie angle printed on the stick (or blade) are 5 or 5.5. Is there no longer any variance?

  2. Loveeee Reply:

    Doesn’t one lie cast doubt on the whole of the teachings ?

    If your Christian does it not bother you that you lie to your own chrldren ? How do you expect them to respect you ?

  3. Anne Reply:

    And the aluminum tube lies to go with the yellowcake. “Smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud” lie based invasion.

  4. Sammy Reply:

    Behind every lie is a motivation for it. So, what motivations might the Bible authors have had to lie? And, don’t those potential motivations undermine their credibility? If not, why not?

  5. Alakzanlove Reply:

    This person can look someone else in their eyes and blatantly lie about anything! Even lie about things regarding issues affecting the rest of someone’s life!

    How does a person become this way?

  6. Alan Reply:

    How often do you girls lie to your boyfriends in bed? Whether its about their size, stamina or just all around performance? And if 3 different girls tell you that youre the best they’ve had, how likely is it that its true?

  7. Nina Reply:

    Lie detection is said to be less than 100% for proving if some one is lying but apparently there may be legally means of using chemicals such as sodium penthanol which may be 100% effective.

  8. Ga Girl Reply:

    How do you pass a lie detector test by lying? Is there a way of doing it? I heard that thumbtacks in your shoes is a myth and it doesn’t work. I want to know because I know there’s a way of cheating on it, but how? Any and all help is appreciated as I’ve wondered about this for some time.

  9. I Dont Want To Dance.sincerely Gavin Reply:

    Is the act of lying an everyday thing for you? Tell me what you think about lying. I want to know your opinion, does it make you a bad person to lie? Or is it okay in the right situations?

  10. Terri Louise Reply:

    My best friends wife lies to him all the time.She jokes with me about how oblivious he is to all the lies.He occasionally mentions that he lies to her about certain things.How can they trust each other? Most importantly,why do they lie to each other?

  11. Doctor Reply:

    Booze + car= Car accident. Suspects fled from the scene and they lied on the police report. What would happen to the person behind the wheel? Jail time? And how about the people that were in the passanger seats? And they all lie on the police report saying that their car got stolen.

  12. Matt Reply:

    Sometimes I’ll mistake a lie and doubt it. Need some tips on spotting lies and making doubts.

  13. I Am Onizuka! Reply:

    If any difference will the Subject know whether it is a lie or truth detector before test.
    Will the Subject,whether culprit or not,not be comfortable(psychologically) with a truth detector than a lie detector?

  14. Kallen Kozuki Reply:

    Even if telling a lie would cause you to die on the spot, what would you still lie about?

  15. Samantha Taylor Schwartz Reply:

    Regarding extracurricular activities (clubs, volunteering, etc.), how often do college applicants lie about this stuff? It doesn’t seem like a college could or would want to investigate to see if they are telling the truth.

  16. Ivette Casa Reply:

    I know that companies lie all the time about their statistics to make themselves more competitive, but who are these companies and how do you find out about how they misuse statistics? For instance, I know most alcohol and tobacco companies lie, but where do you find the source of the lies?

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