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Why does my Child have Pointed Ears

You may have such questions as How To Clean A Childs Ear and How To Wash A Childs Ear,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Clean Ear Wax In A Child. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to White Spots Skin Discoloration,too. Read more as following:

When a child has pointed ears, it’s simply part of his or her genetic makeup. It’s the same inherited trait as blue eyes or hair color. It’s how a person is made, and genetics pass on traits to off spring. However there are always changes or unexpected traits that seem to show up out of nowhere.

How to clean a child's ear?

1. Lay the child on a flat surface, such as a bed or couch, with his ear facing up. 2. Fill the child's ear canal with ear wax removal drops. Alternatively, you can fill an eye dropper with baby oil or mineral oil and place it in the ear canal. 3. Ke... More »

How to wash a child's ear?

1. Ask your child to lay down on his side in bed. This will expose his ear for cleaning. 2. Dampen a cloth in warm water and wring out the excess. Wrap the cloth around your little finger. 3. Wipe the inside of your child's ear gently. Do not force y... More »

How to clean ear wax in a child?

1. Check the outer ear for excess ear wax. 2. Wet a washcloth with lukewarm water, and wrap it around your index finger. 3. Wipe the outer ear gently without pushing wax back into the ear canal. 4. Choose an over-the-counter solution for removing ear... More »

How to treat an ear infection in a child?

1. Soak a towel in warm water, then fold it. Test it against your forehead to be sure it is not too hot. 2. Use the towel as a warm compress on the child's ears. This will temporarily relieve the child's pain. Apply the compress while the child is si... More »

How to get child's ears checked?

1. Look for warning signs of hearing loss. Difficulty talking, turning the volume up on the television, difficulty learning and not responding when you speak to a child are signs of hearing loss. 2. Visit your child's primary care doctor. A child's h... More »

How to administer ear drops to a child?

1. Wash hands thoroughly in warm, soapy water. 2. Warm the ear drops by holding the container in your hands until it reaches room temperature. 3. Shake the ear drops. This step is only necessary if the ear drops are a suspension. Check the label. 4.... More »


  1. Bobbie Reply:

    I got my ears pierced yesterday and while they gave me a solution to apply three times a day is that all I need to do besides rotating it as much as possible?

    I know not to take it out but besides that they didn’t say much. Is there anything else I should do?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Kyle Reply:

    I have seen ear piercing and I honestly think it is abuse. Obviously not like violent abuse. I have never heard of a tattooed baby but thought I would include it.

  3. Gracie Reply:

    My grandfather in law recently added my children into our family tree book, however his handwriting is very difficult to read, he made a spelling mistake and crossed it out and then rewrote it. Is there anyway I can erase the blue ballpoint pen and rewrite it?

  4. Rose-marie Albans Reply:

    I know of a couple who had them done at a very young age (babies) However I wish to get my daughters ears pierced and am not so sure she is old enough yet since she is passed the baby stage. All opinions appreciated.

  5. Talyn D. Reply:

    The narrator is scout finch and she is a young child, what it pretty much asks is how does her age affect how the story is being told. In to kill a mocking bird.

  6. Tony Biondo Reply:

    “My child, if you want peace, then do not look into anybody’s faults. Look into your own faults. Learn to make the world your own. No one is a stranger, my child; the whole world is your own.” ~Sri Sarada Devi

  7. Zalika Reply:

    My child is ADHD with Post Traumatic Stress and possibly Depression. She is receiving resource assistance, but needs a more therapeutic setting in order to advance academically. How can I get his across to the powers -that -be during her IEP meeting?

  8. Gracie Reply:

    Im struggling to find any info on creative and imaginative development for a four year old. I need to list 5 points in a checklist that can be checked for the developmental milestones of a four year old, specifically in creative and imaginative development.

  9. Deja Reply:

    Should the parents wait until the child is old enough to make their own decision?
    I’m talking about boys too.

  10. Soccerbaby Reply:

    I had my ear lobes pierced last week, and I keep getting afraid over messing them up. I heard that if you are not extremely gentle on your newly pierced ears, you’ll rip your lobes slightly and they’ll become uneven. Is this true?

  11. The Dude Reply:

    I have been reading that piercing guns are widely criticized in the body piercing community for various reasons.

    My five year old daughter has been asking to have her ears pierced, but I can’t imagine her letting someone do it with a needle.

    And how exactly is the needle method done?

  12. Tomorrow Reply:

    I love flying, but my ears always hurt. is there any other way than chewing gum and yawning that can help prevent ears hurting?

    i asked this question already but i’m flying tomorrow so i need more tips

  13. Noname Reply:

    We were told we had to get tubes and adenoids out. Just wondering if it worked for your child.

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