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Why Euthanasia Should be Legal

You may have such questions as Why Should Euthanasia Be Legalized and Where Is Euthanasia Legal,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Should Euthanasia Be Legal. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Reasons for Human Euthanasia,too. Read more as following:

In my opinion, euthanasia should be legal for people who are suffering from a terminal and painful disease. It is not fair to force a person to live with something that can’t even be considered a life.

Why Should Euthanasia be Legalized?

There are many elderly people or the very sick who wish to simply be put out of their misery. For this, many believe euthanasia should be legalized. Although, many people think that it's just an easy way out and death should come naturally, it's hard... More »

Where is Euthanasia Legal?

Mercifully ending a life due to prolonged suffering can be considered legal euthanasia. It is carried out by medical professionals and is also called assisted suicide.This is a practice that is legal in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is also legal i... More »

Why Should Euthanasia be Legal?

People believe that euthanasia should be legal because it gives the people who are really sic a chance to die with dignity. When people are so sick and not really living life some people believe they should be able to make the choice to die.... More »

Where is voluntary euthanasia legal?

In the United States, the state of Oregon is the only state where assisted suicide is legal. ADDED. : The above answer is incomplete. (in the US) It is not referred to as "euthenasia" it is referred to as "Physician assisted death.". As of the date o... More »

When was euthanasia legalized in Belgium?

In May of 2002, Belgium passed a law legalizing assisted suicide. It appears the law went into effect in September of that year.... More »

Where in the world is euthanasia legal?

Countries: The Netheerlands. Belgium. Three states in the U.S: Oregon. Washington. Montana. In Switzerland, doctors are not punished for performing euthanasia on their patients.... More »


  1. Veers Reply:

    if euthanasia were legal would you consider it appropriate for emotional pain and suffering?

  2. Saki Reply:

    I am giving a speech on euthanasia. So can life support be withdrawn in ALL cases such as PVS and comas, like the person isn’t dying, they will just never wake up.

  3. September R Reply:

    Does the act of euthanasia is legal in any country?

  4. Broomhilda Reply:

    I know that passive euthanasia is legal, but what about active? What are the legal backgrounds of it. Any info on active euthanasia is good actually.

  5. Destanie Reply:

    I’m studying morality and ethics and I’d like to know in which countries euthanasia is legal. I know it is in Holland but which else?

  6. Rachel Willis Reply:

    What do doctors do if Euthanasia is not legal in their state? What happens If someone falls into a coma and cant recover? Do they just keep them alive through life support?
    Thanks Cantcu, another question though. If Euthanasia is not legal in any state, does that make it a crime?

  7. Rashell Reply:

    If Euthanasia was legal in the US, who would qualify for it? What terminal diseases would qualify for euthanasia. I am doing a project for school and it would be really helpful to know this! Thanks!

  8. Marla Reply:

    The question pretty much says it all. Where is euthanasia legal? It’s for a school project.

    Thanks, in advance, if you answer.
    Isn’t that called abortion? And isn’t that legal in most places? :)

  9. Kelsi Reply:

    im writing an essay and i need to clarify this. i know passive euthanasia is legal and i know that physician assisted suicide is legal in oregon but im not exactly sure what the difference between physician assisted suicide and active euthanasia is.

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