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Why is Greasy Food Unhealthy

You may have such questions as Why Fast Food Is Unhealthy and Is Fast Food Really Unhealthy,or you may also seek several helpful information about Why Are Fried Foods Unhealthy. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Digesting Greasy Foods,too. Read more as following:

Greasy food is unhealthy because it has been deep fried in hot oil, which has high fat and calorie count and will make you gain weight. If you eat too much grease, you liver can’t clean out all of the fat.

Why Fast Food is Unhealthy?

Fast food is not healthy because of the ingredients that is put in fast food. They are packed with fats and sugars. So you should not eat fast food that much. You should eat home cooked foods.... More »

Is fast food really that unhealthy for you?

just take the McDonald's challenge where all you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner and see how long before you die... More »

Why are Fried Foods Unhealthy?

Fried foods are extremely unhealthy because they contain nothing but trans fats, and lots of them. The total grams of fat in something that is fried compared to the same thing that is baked, is startling. Fried foods and their high fat contents is wh... More »

Why is Fast Food Unhealthy?

Fast food is unhealthy as it is not only loaded with enough fat and calories to fill your daily intake, but it also barely contains any vitamins and minerals. Not to mention the sodium in most of these meals is very high!... More »

Why is Junk Food Unhealthy?

Junk food is unhealthy because many of the ingredients are not good for you to eat, especially when eaten regularly. They have little or no nutritional value hence why they are called "junk".... More »

Why is Fast Food So Unhealthy?

It is usually not the food that is so unhealty when going to a fast food restraunt. It is usually how they are prepared. They use a lot of greese and uneeded addatives.... More »


  1. Sara Reply:

    I am all of a sudden craving a burger and fries even though i normally eat like nothing during my period. Can it lengthen your period if you eat unhealthy foods or does it make people feel worse?

  2. Sean Reply:

    Can your choice of foods change whether or not you have heartburn? Would a diet of fatty, greasy, unhealthy foods have a greater effect on heartburn, than a diet of more vegetables and fruit and less fat and healthier foods?
    Or is it all up to heredity and natural body chemistry?

  3. Lillian Reply:

    Why do they provide fattening and greasy foods if servicemen are supposed to stay fit for their jobs?

    Ex: Pizza Hut on base

  4. Lullaby9 Reply:

    The day after I drink I always want to eat carby and greasy foods. Also, after I eat I feel hungry sooner. I am trying to diet though, what can I eat…I really would like a burger or pizza or mexican food yum! or even a bagel with a lot of cream cheese. Ah help!

  5. Bryce Reply:

    I used to eat unhealthy with alot of greasy foods. My pits would sweat from no activity. I have since stopped eating unhealthy but the sweating still occurs. I have tried new deodorants but nothing works. Any ideas on how to fix it?

  6. Jesse Rocha Reply:

    So the past few weeks ive noticed that after eating greasy foods I get very sick. I know they’re unhealthy but I didn’t used to have a problem. I ate a slice of pizza and was in the bathroom within 15 min. What does this mean?
    diarrhea, cramps, etc

  7. Amanda Huang Reply:

    We keep blaming the drug smugglers and not the users of drugs. This is like blaming the fast food places for selling unhealthy greasy food. Nobody is forcing the people to overeat, or eat unhealthy food.

  8. Spike_1920 Reply:

    What’s some of the most fattening foods that aren’t really in the unhealthy or greasy, fast food types.

    You know something you’ll find at a sit down restaurant

  9. Iwurwrtoref Reply:

    I am pregnant and realized that lately i have been eating really unhealthy, fatty, greasy foods. i am going cut back and eat healthier, but just from noticing how i have been eating i was starting to worry….is greasy food harmful to the baby?

  10. Toni Reply:

    We keep blaming the drug smugglers and not the users of drugs. This is like blaming the fast food places for selling unhealthy greasy food. Nobody is forcing the people to overeat, or eat unhealthy food.

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