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Why Pot Should Not be Legalized

You may have such questions as Where Is Pot Legal and Should Marijuana Be Legalized,or you may also seek several helpful information about When Will Pot Become Legal. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Pros and Cons about Legalizing Marijuana,too. Read more as following:

There are a number of reasons people think that pot should not be legalized. Many people consider it to be a gateway drug. They think that increased availability to pot will cause people to branch out to other drugs. It is also thought that legalizing marijuana will cause people to be under the influence while doing things like driving.

Where is Pot Legal?

Pot for medical purposes is legal in 13 states. They are Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.... More »

should Marijuana be Legalized?

I think marijuana should be legalized because its been out on the black market for years. People don't just abuse it they actually need it for medical problems. In certain states the doctors will prescribe you marijuana based on your condition, but t... More »

When WILL pot become legal?

that stuff will be legal in no time with obamba in the house. you spelled it wrong, and i hope it dosnt, it probalby wont.... More »

Where in the world is pot legal?

In the Netherlands.... More »

Why isnt pot legal?

I Don't Know! Every one does it so I don't think that it should be illegal. My Myspace is " More »

When will the US legalize Pot?

probably NEVER! WELL THAT SUCKS WHYS THAT YALL R HATERS Weeds From the Earth Take Advantage First answer by Momorox1017. Last edit by Matt4202010. Contributor trust: 0 [recommend contributor]. Question popularity: 1 [recommend question].... More »


  1. Adgjm Reply:

    Some people say we should decriminalize pot and other people say we should make pot legal. If pot was decriminalized, doesn’t that mean you wouldn’t be arrested for pot possession. So whats the difference between making pot legal and just decriminalizing it.

  2. Tamara Reply:

    Do you think that pot should be legalized? Why or why not?

  3. Anny Pereyra Reply:

    Im not a fan of legalizing pot, but could legalizing it have a significant impact on drug cartels and violence due to drug running?

  4. Amit Reply:

    You know if Obama legallized pot nobody would care what else he does lol! In all seriousness it’s not any worse than alcohol and not any more addictive than smoking.

  5. Armaan Reply:

    That is, a test like a blood alcohol test that can effectively determine how much pot you currently have in your body.

    It seems like this would be very useful, since if pot were legalized today, there is no real way of quantitatively measuring a legal level to drive at.

  6. Justyahoo Reply:

    It was the funniest thing ever seeing my friend get chewed out by his liberal parents that kept talking about how it should just be legalized. But as soon as they found out little Jimmy was doing it they went ballistic.

  7. Brittany W Reply:

    Consider how violent they are in their own territories and how property values drop drastically near areas with gang activity.

    If pot was legalized, do you think it would bring more gang members into safe neighborhoods?

  8. Hacly Reply:

    If no one smoked pot, why would there be a law against it?


    It would be like having a law against swimming in gasoline, or bungee jumping into a volcano!

  9. Natalie Reply:

    The only reason people think pot should be legalized is because they’re dumb enough to think it’s good for them.

  10. Keelan Gouard Reply:

    The only reason people think pot should be legalized is because they’re dumb enough to think it’s good for them.

  11. Kitty Evans Reply:

    Seriously legalize pot, legalize online gambling, legalize everything.
    Rape, murder, pedofilia? I told you I am NOT a fan of religion. I like boobs, weed, and gambling.
    These religious nutjobs are halting progress as we fall further and further behind the world.

  12. Jazzeei Lady Reply:

    If it is legal in countries in Europe and less people abuse it, then why dont we do the same? The government spends so much money on the Drug War and it doesnt even work. I think America would be a lot better with pot legalized. Maybe Obama will think about it. He’s pretty open-minded.

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