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Why Should You Not Get An Abortion

You may have such questions as What Is A Abortion and When Is the Best Time to Get an Abortion,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Is the Deadline for Having an Abortion. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to What Month of Pregnancy Can I Not Have an Abortion,too. Read more as following:

Women should not get abortions, because not only could it cause you to never be able to become pregnant again, but there are woman out there who can’t have children, who would love to adopt a baby!

What is An Abortion?

An abortion is a procedure that is done to terminate a pregnancy. There has been a lot of controversy on this topic for many years here in the Untied States. Many think abortions should become illegal.... More »

When is the best time to get an abortion?

never!... More »

What is the deadline for having an abortion

In the United States, you can not choose to have an abortion after 24 weeks. At this point, abortions are only allowed if there are health risks involving you or the baby.... More »

How to Abort?

You can abort a fetus with medication in the early stages of pregnancy. You can also go to have a D&C done by a doctor, which will remove the fetus.... More »

How is an abortion performed?

Answer The actual procedure can take as little as 5 minutes. See the Related Links for more medical details and a doctor's view. Answer The way of the tablet is ... you go into clinic and are given a tablet to take (blood tests and scan are invol... More »

What are abortions?

Abortion is when a pregnancy does not make it to full term and produce a birth. As in the process of pregnancy was aborted. Abortion occurs naturally but it can also be induced. Inducing an abortion is what is controversial to so many different grou... More »


  1. Becca Reply:

    If abortion is legal, meaning the government should not be allowed to control a persons body. Then shouldn’t people be allowed to sell their body and organs?

  2. Eric Reply:

    Should they also be put to death or given life in prison? If you believe that abortion is murder, then how can they be punished any differently than how society punished murderers now?

    If you don’t punish them at all, then why even make it illegal?

  3. Tnman Reply:

    Abortion is a right. They should choose to exercise that right. I want to encourage them to choose that right.

  4. Toxic Reply:

    My girlfriend is 6 months prego and finally decided to get an abortion. Should she go with a state-funded abortion or one at a private clinic? Obiviously, the state-funded one would make more fiscal sense, but we want to make sure that it’s safe and that they get all of it.

  5. Horseluver92 Reply:

    Please don’t insult me about my abortion. I wont listen, so mind your own business.
    I had a medical abortion third or fourth week in november, I haven’t got my period yet, and now im worried i might be pregnant again… Could i just be late for my period? Or could i be pregnant?

  6. M Reply:

    Need to have this abortion w/ out my husbands knowledge, how can I make this appear to be a miscarriage?

  7. Bobbi Deena Reply:

    As for abortion where do you stand and why do you feel that why?
    And then what is your view on where the energy policy is heading in America? How would you make it better.
    Thanks any opinions are greatly appreciated….. 😉

  8. Baby Skeletor Says No To Byb’s Reply:

    I had a medical abortion about 2 and a half weeks ago. I go the after operative bleeding and it stopped about 4-5 days ago. I’ve all of a sudden got bleeding again. Should I be concerned?

  9. Charly! Reply:

    I am curious to know how an abortion procedure would commence before 15 weeks of pregnancy. What are the risks and side effects of having an abortion? What are the possible risks of having children in the future?

  10. Alittlehigher Reply:

    If there was no funding for abortion in the bill, and the Hyde Amendment would pass, why would the NOW folks and the Pro-Choice people in the House be upset that the President is planning on reinforcing it with an Executive Order?


  11. Dokii Reply:

    I had an abortion :( Notting I ever want to do again :( How long is it safe to wait till I can star bcontrol again and Have sex?

  12. Kaylee Reply:

    Why is abortion tied to politics? Who is on each side of the argument?

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