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Where Did Sagging Pants Start

You may have such questions as Where Did Fashion Sagging Pants Originate from and Where Did Sagging Pants Begin,or you may also seek several helpful information about How Did Sagging Pants Start. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Origin of Sagging Pants,too. Read more as following:

The craze of sagging pants actually originated in prison. Since no belts are allowed in prison pants sag. This evolved in the prisons to be a sign for a inmate looking for a butch. In the 1990’s this trend of sagging pants was made more popular by various Hip Hop artist.

How did sagging pants start?

Sagging is thought to have begun in US Prisons where prison dudes would sagg their pants so that other prison dudes would tell that there gay and want to do things to each other!... More »

Why do people sag their pants?

Because they are idiots who think that it looks cool.... More »

Who started pants sagging?

Sagging was started in the U.S. prison system by unkown people, and crossed over into hip-hop style music,...... More »

Who started the sag of the pants?

The fashion trend of sagging pants was actually started in prisons due to ill fittin...... More »


  1. Teeheehee Reply:

    I was wondering when people (teens guys) started sagging their pants and why?

  2. Amu Reply:

    Is it all right to sag my pants a little at school? I just started high school a lot of kids are doing it.

  3. Gokusanyy Reply:

    tucking in their shirts, and sagging pants. Im sorry but i cant see how you guys actually dont think pants hanging under your behinds look stupid. Im thinking about trying to get all parents to start behaving as their kids and then it wont be cool any more. then things could be back to normal.

  4. Paper Reply:

    I thought it had something do with letting other prisoners know that you were someone’s girlfriend.

  5. Donthatexd Reply:

    Like this became bigger than sagging your pants and silly bands abd obama combined.Everyone started doing it and people started posting this on myspace and facebook and You found out about a week ago and you have to make a choice.What would you do?

  6. Melydelyrox Reply:

    I’m just curious as to why something that started off in prisons would become so popular. Don’t they know that prisoners did that to let others know they were gay? Maybe people who sag their pants think homosexuality is cool. If you’re a cupcake I mean no offense.

  7. Katy Wagner Reply:

    How low did you sag at first? Now how low do you sag your pants/sweats?

    What do you wear under your pants/sweats?

  8. Kinglouie Reply:

    My brother keeps sagging his pants while he’s wearing briefs and I told him its not okay. What do you think?

  9. Paulabump Reply:

    This goes out to all the people who SAG their pants. How many of you starting doing it because it looked comfortable and how many did it because people around you were doing it? And how many of you do it because you are telling another male you want to have sex with them?

  10. Candice Reply:

    I believe sagging pants is messed up if you show your underwear or if people look retarded when they walk. But people still get mad at the fact if they cover with there long tees and walk normal why? and do you think it would be a problem if white people started it?

  11. Anna Reply:

    How old were you when you started sagging your pants? How low did you at that time?

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