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Who Invented the Scrunchie

You may have such questions as When Was The Hair Scrunchie Invented and Why Did Rommy Revson Invent The Scrunchy,or you may also seek several helpful information about Who Invented The Scrunchi For Hair And Why Is It Called That. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to First Computer Invented,too. Read more as following:

In 1986, Rommie Revson was awarded the first patent for the hair scrunchie. Revson is also credited with the invention of said hair scrunchie. The last patent revision was granted in 1994.

When was the hair scrunchie invented?

It ws invented in the early 80's and came on the market in 1986... More »

Why did Rommy Revson invent the scrunchy?

She was tired and board in day so she layed down and burped out a hair tie... More »

Who invented the scrunchi for hair? And why is it called that?

Rommy Revson invented the 'scunci' or scrunchie, a "dec...... More »

Who invented hair scrunchie?

Rommy Revson She made money on scrunchies by sueing people who copied her idea. She is now a very wealthy woman by going to court.... More »

Who invented scrunchies?

Rommy Revson is credited with first inventing and patenting the hair scrunchie. The first hair scrunchie patent was granted to Revson in 1986, and the latest revised patent was granted in 1994. Source: Scrunchies 101... More »

Who Invented the Cell Phone?

Way back in April of 1973, Doctor Martin Cooper made the very first phone call made from his invention, the cell phone. Almost forty years later, we haven't stopped dialing!... More »

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    Im sorry i thought it was a hairstyle i didnt know it was a scrunchie! i feel so retarded, tnx 4 ur 2 answers guyz

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