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How does Meth Effect the Fetus

You may have such questions as Where Is the Fetus Located in the Mother and What Does a Fetus Look like When the Mother Smokes,or you may also seek several helpful information about What Are The Effects Of Crystal Meth. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Position of Fetus in the Uterus,too. Read more as following:

Even just one dose of meth can have horrible effects on a fetus. Some of the problems it can cause are low birth weight, cleft palates,mental and physical disabilities, increased chances of miscarriage and can even cause later brain damage issues.

What are the Effects of Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth has been known to cause violent behavior, mood swings, convulsions and paranoia. Long-term use can lead to brain damage with symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. I would strongly advise staying away from Cry... More »

What are the Side Effects of Meth?

The side effects of meth can include short term memory loss, mood swings, hyperactivity, aggression, and increased blood pressure. It may also include hallucinations, jerky movements, loss of weight, skin breakouts, sweating, depression, itching, and... More »

What are the effects of meth?

reid... More »

Where is the baby located in your stomache during a pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, her baby lives and grows insi...... More »


  1. Sam Rodriguez Reply:

    um okay im not high or any of that shit but i was wonderin cuz im only 6 weeks pregnant and im not an idiot either i just wanna no cuz some weeds not bad for you and they use it for medical stuff so i didnt no if i could smoke anything
    god its not like meth or anything

  2. Bilal Reply:
  3. Pricillia Reply:

    What are the later psychological effects on a child or teenager of crack, cocaine, meth, and alcohol on an embryo or fetus.

  4. Joanna Reply:

    when i say you get addicted to cause your mom used them, i mean you were born with an addiction cause she used them when she was pregnant with you.

  5. Hhyy Reply:

    i want to know for my biology exam!!!

  6. Megan S Reply:
  7. N Reply:
  8. Emma – Lee Reply:

    What could happen to my grand child?

  9. Trevor Miller Reply:
  10. Viet Reply:

    Alot of people look down on iy, bu its been proved to work better than the 12 step groups and the like. If you agree its good why? If you don’t why?

  11. Fish Stix Suck Reply:

    i have a friend that does,and i will like to know what can be the effects to her baby.

  12. Lee Reply:

    Does it matter if its the male or female doing drugs? what could happen? I know with crystal meth sometimes it will stay in the mothers body and can be transferred through breast milk or something. Is that true? like are there other stats?

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