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How is Mirena Removed

You may have such questions as What to Expect When Mirena Is Removed and How To Remove A Mirena Coil,or you may also seek several helpful information about Is Mirena Effective Immediately. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Iud Removal Procedure,too. Read more as following:

From my personal experience the mirena is removed when the doctor pull the sting that hangs at the bottom of the mirena. You shouldn’t try to remove the mirena by yourself. If you try to remove the mirena by yourself you could have difficulties causes harm to your body.

How to remove a mirena coil?

1. Call the doctor who inserted your Mirena coil within five years of your insertion date or if you decide to become pregnant to make an appointment to have the Mirena removed. If you have moved or are no longer seeing the same doctor, make sure your... More »

Is the mirena iud effective immediately, or is there a waiting period?

I had sex two days after my mirena was put in. :) the hubby came home, and we had to test it out! HaHa, Nah, you're good tho.... More »

How to remove a mirena iud?

How to Remove a Mirena IUD. 1. Notify the doctor's office that the IUD should be removed. Uncomfortable side effects should also be explained for further examination. Do not attempt to remove the IUD an unlicensed professional or at home. 2. Set the... More »

How soon is Mirena effective?

It is immediately effective. Your body won't let a fertilized egg grow inside your uterus when there is a foreign object in there. I've had mine for 4 years now. It's great because I don't have to do anything with it to keep it being effective. Besid... More »

When will you be fertile after mirena is removed?

Immediately, although most physician's strongly advise waiting atleast 2 months to avoid ectop pregnancy, mis carriage and other complications.... More »


  1. Horsegurl22 Reply:

    I am getting my mirena removed this coming Tuesday. We will track my cycle for 2-3 months and then start trying for a girl :)

    How long did it take you to get pregnant after you had your mirena removed?

  2. Jason Reply:

    I had my Mirena removed about a month ago due to cramping and moodiness. Now that I’m starting to feel normal again, my sex drive is starting to get out of hand. I’ve never been so horny for so long in my life. Is this normal? Will it decrease over time?

  3. Nila Reply:

    I had my mirena removed on Jan 5th I had sex the night before about 10 hours before removal. I was never informed not to have unprotected sex 5 to 7 days before removal. My high fertility days are the 5th-8th I ovulate on the 9th. Is it possible for me to become pregnant??

  4. Stacy Reply:

    My husband and I had intercourse last night, and the first day of my last period was the 28th of Jan. I am having the mirena removed so that we can start trying for another baby.

  5. Hope Mcatee Reply:

    i had my mirena removed yesterday and i was just wondering how long it has taken other mirena users to get pregnant?

  6. Ppnkyy Reply:

    I am thinking of having my mirena removed in June to start trying for our last baby. Just want to know how long it could take and do you get a period the first few days after removal?

    Also has anyone got 4 children and is it much different to having 3?

  7. Athalia Reply:

    I had the mirena removed in April of 2009, I have taken a recent blood test and the dr stated the results were one of an severe alcoholic. I have never had problems with my liver before and I do not DRINK? Has anyone gone through this and can you explain?

  8. Cows Reply:

    I had a miscairrage in January 2012 and had mirena inserted about a in early march or late feburary. I just had mirena removed today and decided that i wanted to conceive again. How easy is it to conceive? Should I worry about another miscairrage?

  9. Doug Reply:

    We are trying to have a baby and been having sex everyday sense I had my iud mirena removed the 18th I missed my period the 28th, how soon can I take a pregnancy test, beings it can change the date of ur period?

  10. Chase Pittman Reply:

    It’s almost time for me to have my Mirena removed and i’m a bit scared. It just seems like it’s been in there for such a long time, and you’d think it would hurt coming out when you take into consideration the shape.

  11. El Reply:

    How long until you have a period and ovulate after having mirena removed?

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