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Where is the Cervix

You may have such questions as Where Is The Cervix and What Is The Cervix,or you may also seek several helpful information about Where is the Cervix Located. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Diagram of a Dilated Cervix,too. Read more as following:

The cervix is located between the vagina and the uterus. Often called the “opening to the womb,” the cervix plays a vital role in pregnancy. It seals off the uterus preventing anything from leaking out.

Where is the Cervix?

The cervix is in the lower part of a woman's uterus. It is on top of the vagina. The cervix is the cone shaped area that connects the uterus to the vagina. It is about one inch long and allows the passage of a child to the vagina. Look here for more... More »

What is a cervix?

Cervix A cervix is the lower part of a woman's womb (the womb is also known as the uterus). The cervix extends down like a narrow neck . It is part of the birth canal that opens into the vagina. First answer by Fledermaus. Last edit by Fledermaus. Co... More »

Where is the Cervix Located?

The cervix is located at the bottom of the uterus, it is the opening that a baby would pass through to get into the birth canal. The cervix is between the vagina and the uterus.... More »

What Causes the Cervix to Tilt?

There are several reasons one could have a tilted cervix. Some feel that endometriosis and labor can cause it. In others it seems possible that it is congenital, which means you possibly got it from your mom if hers is as well.... More »

What is the Function of the Cervix?

The cervix has the function of being the birth canal that a baby travels through as it's being born. It's connected to the vagina and the uterus. For more information see here: ... More »

How Deep is the Cervix?

The cervix is located at the top of the vagina and the lower part of the uterus. It measures about one inch in length and dilates to 10 cm wide to allow a baby to pass through from the uterus.... More »


  1. Kewlioo101 Reply:

    Im 18 almost 19 weeks and i read all this stuff about incompetent cervix and i was wondering what the chances were for a young healthy 22 year old. I have had 2 d/cs would that be a problem?

  2. Ketchup And Bacon Reply:

    I’ve seen peoples posting saying their cervix is low and soft. What is the relevance of knowing what position its in?

  3. Tom2 Reply:

    Mine has been like it for about a week now.. I should have ovulated on thursday but my cervix is STILL soft and open and i didnt get much eggwhite CM and my CM is now white and tacky.

    Do you think im still yet to ovulate?

  4. Michael Pequeno Reply:

    I thought that before your ovulation your cervix should be high and and open, if not when should it be open? Thanks.

  5. Natalie_green Reply:

    I have heard if you are checking your cervix for mucus that it changes in the way it feels (when you check it with your fingers) Is it high is it low? It it soft like the inside of your check or is it hard like the tip of your nose? I have heard several things? does anyone know for sure?

  6. Brooke Reply:

    I know that I have had three babies already but I never felt my cervix before. I was wondering what is it suppose to feel like in early pregnancy?

  7. Saad Reply:

    So im 37ish weeks and i went in for my first cervix check and i wasnt dilated at all.
    How long until you start to dilate? Obviously im not asking for the correct scientific answer cuz everyone is different just wondering other peoples experiences.

  8. Trick Reply:

    I keep seeing people mention their cervix being high or being low.
    I’m new to all this TTC stuff but how do you know this stuff? I have never been able to tell where my cervix is
    Adalyn, stop f-ing spamming the boards with that damn message. It doesn’t help anyone at all!

  9. Shawn Freshwater Fish Reply:

    Just curious – my doctor told me I had a soft cervix, but didn’t mention anything about being thick or thin cervix, are the two things completely different? What does it mean to have a soft cervix?

  10. Roxanne Warner Reply:

    I had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and he said that my cervix is starting to thin out a little bit. I’m 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. I’m just wondering how soon you went into labor after your doctor said that your cervix was thinning a little bit.

  11. Ronald Reply:

    I always hear women talking about their cervix being high orleans or soft or hard. Where is it? I’ve checked around inside but I have no clue what I’m ever touching. I want to know my body better. Help please?

  12. Anonymous Reply:

    Does the cervix drop lower in the vagina when your period is getting close? Or does it stay high?

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