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How to Calculate a Woman Cycle

You may have such questions as How To Calculate Menstrual Cycle and How Do I Calculate My Menstrual Cycle,or you may also seek several helpful information about How To Calculate Precession Cycles. Besides,you may be interested in answers related to Menstrual Cycle,too. Read more as following:

If you want to calculate a womans menstrual cycle and determine its length, you just need to count the days from the first day of menstruation to the last day before menstruation returns.

How to calculate menstrual cycles?

1. On a calendar, note the exact day that your last menstrual period began as Day 1. Mark an X on that day. 2. Count each day on the calendar until your next period begins, and mark an X on that day. That date is Day 1 of your latest menstrual cycle.... More »

How do i calculate my menstrual cycle?

The number of days in your cycle is the number of days from the FIRST day of one period to the day before the first day of the next period. Here's how your example works out: Jan 7 to Feb 2 = 27 days. Feb 3 to March 1 = 26 days. March 1 to March 30 =... More »

How to calculate precession cycles?

1. Determine as many physical measurements as possible about your model. If nothing else, you should have the mass of the object and the radius of the object along the axis that it spins (i.e. half the distance from top to bottom) 2. Establish the ob... More »

How to calculate a duty cycle?

1. Construct a waveform, also referred to as a state diagram, on graph paper. Draw a horizontal straight line of any arbitrary length. For this example, draw a horizontal line that measures 10 units. At the endpoint of that line, draw a vertical line... More »

How to calculate ovulation cycle?

1. Keep the basal thermometer by your bed at night. This will allow you to reach the thermometer with a minimum of movement in the morning. 2. Take your temperature at the same time each morning. Ideally, you should take your temperature after three... More »

How to Calculate An Operating Cycle

A company's balance sheet provides detailed information about the company's assets and liabilities. A company has cash assets that can be used immediately to cover any obligations, assets that can be turned into cash within a year and assets that may... More »


  1. Kim Snitch Reply:

    I am having a hard time telling when im ovulating. My cycle usually starts around the 20th.but this month it started on the 18 or 19 and ended completely on the 26.
    How many days do a woman ovulate?

  2. Darach Reply:

    I am newly married and I don’t know how to calculate the exact ovulation date. My wife has regular periods. Her cycle is of 28 days. After we got married her period was a few days late. Her period was on 9th of december. Kindly tell me when is the best time for us to conceive.

  3. Cowgirl4lyfe321 Reply:

    I always here that 28 days is the magic number. Does this mean most women have their periods for three days? Mine usually is four or five days – does that mean my cycle is 27 or 26 days? I need help calculating this.

    Thanks to all who answer!

  4. Mike Farley Reply:

    I never really knew how to calculate the days in my cycle ( start to finish) I want to know so I can see when I’m most likely to get pregnant.

  5. Stun Reply:

    We are not barbie dolls and do not all have perfect 28-day cycles and ovulate on Day 14.

    Every woman is different! Cycles range from 23 to 40 days and a woman can ovulate anywhere from day 8 to day 22!

  6. Rob Reply:

    When your body expells that, is it the beginning middle or the end of the cycle?

  7. Christine Reply:

    Is it the first day you start to bleed then the next month the first day of your next period?I am trying to figure out what cycle I am on. Thanks for your time.
    Thanks LuLuPooh that really takes the gues work out!!!God bless!

  8. Jenny Flower Reply:

    Everyone is saying in order to get pregnant you need to calculate your ovulation days to know when is the best days to have sex and get pregnant, how to i calculate them?
    What do i look for and how do i know what days i do?

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