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Should my dad go to the hospital for his heartburn?

Heartburn can be dangerous, especially if it’s from acid reflux or occurs mainly at night! Also, if the pain is severe or debilitating, your dad should see a doctor in order to get it taken care of! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Annmarie Reply:

    Your heart muscle needs a regular supply of oxygenated blood to function properly. When the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen, some of its cells die and a heart attack occurs. Symptoms can often be mistaken for indigestion or heartburn. In general, heart attack symptoms last at least 15 to 20 minutes and can go on Source:

  2. Serina Reply:

    But if you have frequent episodes of heartburn or a constant low-level feeling of pain in the chest but we see that everyone keeps telling us to go do it. why? My own father had issues with his throat for at least 12-18 months including chronic He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a pnemothorax

  3. Jennell Reply:

    He felt really amazed because he haven’t seen his dad in a long time. Finally he could see him after all those years. That is so boring. Source:

  4. Cheryll Reply:

    Jusin Bieber Source:'s_dad_going_to_call_his_new_son

  5. Lyda Reply:

    i was sleep and i start hearing water splashing so i got up and ran into the bathroom where i see half of my dads bodie in the water in the bathtub and his head is under the and he’s kicking and drowning so i get his head out of the water b… Source:

  6. Aleida Reply:

    My Dad has been passed from. That freaking bed sore on Methodist Hospital to a nursing Long term acute care hospital home and back to a? in the original medical center his fo

  7. Silva Reply:

    It definitely sounds like Gall Stones!My mom had her Gall Bladder removed only last Saturday after having severe pain and vomitting a few months ago (it took until now to get the appointment because it is NHS)! She said said had similar symptoms to yours too – including milder pains, indigestion pain, right-hand side pain, etc!It is a common fact that you should not eat fatty or greasy foods if you have gall stones because it almost always will bring on the symptoms! Chinese food is always greasy (though I love it!), so that is why it is making it come on again!You NEED an operation to have your Gall Bladder removed! Do it now! Then you can live without this problem! You dont actually need a Gall Bladder!

  8. Celena Reply:

    My dad once said something that made me want to sink into the couch I was sitting on and never return. That week I was put into hospital for eight months. I told my doctor about it, he said most girls who have had anorexia get their periods overdue, and they .. What is the general PH level for foods that cause heartburn

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