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What happens when your chest feels tingle?

You may have heart problems or Acid Reflux if your hands and feet feel tingly, if you’re short of breath with a tightness in the chest, or if you feel like you might faint! Consult a doctor for a diagnosis! again! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Shelley Reply:

    If you feel tightness in your back, you might have strained one or more muscles. Does it feel like you You might feel a strange tingling sensation if you have a pulled back muscle. Think of what happens when your hand falls asleep. Blood flow is cut The Signs & Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle in the Chest. A pulled chest Source:

  2. Elizbeth Reply:

    Basically, your nerves go a little haywire when your limbs fall asleep. get up out of your seat, and all you feel from one foot is an uncomfortable tingling. feeling in that body part, and your brain has trouble telling the body part what to do. touched your chest when expressing affection for someone, there’s probably a lot

  3. Roselia Reply:

    A tingling sensation in your chest could be a symptom of neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis or diabetes. Source:

  4. Ofelia Reply:

    spinning round and round, running very fast and ………………………………… find out urself Source:

  5. Ayana Reply:

    Because there are no nerves in the brain, the sensation probably comes from another part of the head and simply feels like the brain. To be honest, I can’t give you more than that. Probably ask a doctor that one.. its your brain and its ver… Source:

  6. Katherin Reply:

    what is the feeling when you makes me happy, when i get a sense get a tingle all over good? i get it whenever i your body and it feels think about something that realy of ever

  7. Tanisha Reply:

    Stress hormones; chemicals that are produced when you experience the pain of loss (grief)! The mind is very powerful and your thoughts about the situation release these chemicals!

  8. Young Reply:

    Also look out for a feeling of heaviness on your chest, shortness of breath, feeling This could mean a number of things, the next time it happens you need to

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