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Why am I still tired after 10 hours of sleep?

Several possibilities include sleep apnea, dust mite allergies, acid reflux, and night terrors! A doctor might know best! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Dean Reply:

    A change in sleep patterns is often all that is needed to end morning Assess how many hours you sleep each night. If you are still awake after 30 minutes, either you're going to bed before you're tired or Do it in 15-minute increments until you feel rested in the morning. 4 . 10 Ways to Build Your Confidence This Year Source:

  2. Camelia Reply:

    does anyone actually wake up feeling refreshed and ready to wake up? I always feel like I could just keep sleeping forever. I’ve been playing

  3. Ok Reply:

    Well I think you slept too much and that happens sometimes you still feel tried after sleeping more then 8 hours. Source:

  4. Enriqueta Reply:

    You might be tired after 13 hours of sleep because you actually slept too much. A regular sleep schedule is important. Source:

  5. Alleen Reply:

    You may be anemic, have an underactive thyroid, undiagnosed UTI, be drinking too much caffeine, or have sleep apnea. Source:

  6. Alysha Reply:

    Sleeping that much is not good for you, 9 hours a day is more than enough!!!!!because u sleep so much u are tired! But it also might have to do with motivation

  7. Niesha Reply:

    Ideally, sleep 8-10 hours ever How do you feel when you are extremely tired and lack of sleep? angry. Why feel still tired after 8 hours of sleep? you might think

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