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Why does my throat hurt every morning?

Speaking from experience, you are probably experiencing a condition called GERD! (Acid reflux)! You should consult with your doctor! Have a great day! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gwenda Reply:

    This article will help everyone learn how to heal their hurting voice and also give My favorite is Throat Coat Tea. Of course, to keep your voice extra healthy, it is important to warm it up every now . 365-Day Guide to Exercisethumbnail Source:

  2. Hwa Reply:

    Probably because you don’t stay hydrated well enough during the day.Or you don’t brush your teeth, or something along those lines.

  3. Clara Reply:

    There may be several reasons: mouth breathing, snoring, allergies, reflux from your stomach, and post-nasal drainage. Also, viral infections may seem worse in the morning, but they are short lived… like 3 to 5 days. Hope you find the caus… Source:

  4. Virgen Reply:

    sometimes you sleep with your mouth open, and you breathe alot all night so your throught is kinda raw. Source:

  5. Fallon Reply:

    WebMD lists a number of reasons you could have a sore throat. Take a look at the irritants section. Hope you fell better. Source:

  6. Francene Reply:

    I started feeling a throat tickle sore throat Does this mean airborne that next morning, day two I have a one night so I took the airborne didn’t work for me? Am I gonna get

  7. Brandie Reply:

    Probably because you dont stay hydrated well enough during the day!Or you dont brush your teeth, or something along those lines!

  8. Demetrius Reply:

    My piercing hurt only a little bit — less than biting your tongue can — I cussed a bit . forget about it. it swells every night and every morning and hurts pretty bad.

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